Processing Applications Faster Means You Can Get A 24 Hour Passport

by erin on April 27, 2011

Regardless of what others have told you, it is possible to get a 24 hour passport so you can get to the airport on time. Looking at the government sites that are concerned with processing applications, the average wait time for a new passport is four to six weeks. Considering they make many demands along the way, including a personal appearance at one of their locations, the time frame does not seem exaggerated. But if you have an emergency situation, whether personal or professional, there are companies that can help you.

Travel Regulations

America began enforcing stringent regulations concerning travel to foreign countries right after 9-11. One of the regulations is that you must have a valid passport to cross borders. With these new rules in place, the demand for companies that can process your application much faster was suddenly much higher. This niche industry has developed ways to streamline the application process and get you the documents you need with little or no stress.

Sudden Travel

Regardless of how well we think we have everything planned out, there are sometimes problems that pop up and take us by surprise. One of these is the unexpected need to travel to a foreign country. For those who rarely travel outside the 50 states, this can cause a problem. They may have never applied for a passport. Without this documentation, it is impossible to cross a border legally.

Wait Time

The average wait time to get your documentation is up to six weeks and if you are in a hurry, that is simply too long. Even for those who have lapsed passports, the wait time is three weeks and is still far too long to make an emergency meeting. A new niche industry has been created by the stringent traveling rules. It is called passport expediting.

Expedite Service

After locating a company that specializes in expediting, fill out their questionnaire. They request some personal information as well as how long you have until you must have your document completed and be ready to travel. The more rushed they are, the higher the cost. Contact them as soon as you know you have to travel so they can get started.

Expedite Fees

The costs are on a parallel with your urgency. Highest costs will be for immediate processing. If you can wait a few days, the cost will go down. Regardless of what the cost is, if you have an emergency situation that affects the financial prospects for your company, any method will be cost-effective to get you on site.


If you are in an under-populated area, you may have difficulty finding a delivery service that will get your document to you the next morning. City dwellers do not face this issue. Country living is wonderful until you realize you do not have access to amenities only found in cities.

Expedite Companies

The rise in the number of expediting companies has led to more in-depth engineering of processes to reduce lead times with passport application forms. If your company needs you in a foreign country, you no longer need to panic if you do not the paperwork. You just have to get in touch with an expediter for a 24 hour passport.

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