Reading This EVoice Review Might Teach People More About Virtual Phones In General

by erin on May 22, 2011

It is hoped that reading this eVoice Review will be able to teach more people out there about virtual phone services. This is because this service offers many of the things commonly found in such services. This review will start by comparing such service to a VoIP service.

VoIP Services

A lot of people make the very common mistake of confusing the type of service being discussed here with one of the many VoIP services. Through the use of both kinds of services, people can make route calls through the Internet. An actual virtual phone type of service is going to go one step further by allowing calls to be forwarded to real phone lines as well as other equipment.

Voice Messages

A virtual type of phone service is typically going to have some attractive options when it comes to receiving voice messages. The particular service being discussed here allows people to have these forwarded to their traditional machine or even emailed to their in box. One of the most efficient options offered by the service allows the user to have the messages forwarded to his or her mobile phone in the form of a text.

Flexibility Level

These services typically allow for a high level of flexibility when it comes to choosing the phone number that will be used with them. This service allows plenty of local area codes in many areas as well as the toll free number options. The area code options will allow people to create the illusion that their business is actually run from a city of their choice. The toll free option creates a large, corporate type of appearance.

Web Service

Signing up for any service on the web is not tough to do and this service is very easy to get started with. It only requires a few minutes of a person’s time and in some cases, the company might be offering some type of free trial. They will offer free trials from time to time and these trials might be a great tool for examining the service to see if it is offering what a particular business owner might need it to offer.

Global Network

A lot of people tell stories on the web about paying far too much money for such a service only to realize that the down time is unacceptable. Despite the fact that many features were being given for the purchase price, the down time made the service not nearly worth its costs. This particular service runs from the very secure J2 global network. Downtime is so low that many will not experience it.

Menu Greeting

This service has a really nice feature that is often referred to as the auto attendant. This feature allows callers to be greeted by the type of menu that a large corporation would greet them with. People can create the illusion that their company has many “departments” through the use of the auto attendant feature. Many callers will think that each department has dedicated phone personnel.

Expanding Business

Reading this eVoice Review should have been helpful to those who wanted to learn more about virtual phone services. A lot of small businesses enjoy a service that makes them look larger than they really are. In some cases, this illusion might allow for the company to actually begin expanding.

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