Recieve Professional Style Prints From Kyocera’s FS-1900D Printer Toner

by erin on December 21, 2009

TK-18CTN24The Kyocera FS-1900D printer is a black and white laser printer that provides high quality printing for workgroups that do not have high daily output needs. It is fast and reliable and comes with the Kyocera ECOSYS technology that will save you money. With a number of paper handling options as well, you can easily customize it to the needs of your particular office, with no worries as to the final product when using Kyocera FS-1900D toner.

This printer ships with 16 MB of memory that can be expanded to 144 MB. The PowerPC processor is a speedy 200 MHz. The processor is part of what allows this printer to output an average of 18 pages per minute.

Although the page per minute rate is fast, the resolution is not compromised. The 1900D prints at 1,200 dpi. And in addition to the quality of the print, one of the main advantages of this printer is the low cost per printed page.

It is the ECOSYS technology that leads to the low cost of printing. The unique design of the drum and developer enables not just low cost printing, but also less waste, making the printer far easier on the environment. When you run out of toner, you are able to replace that alone. The drum and developer are also guaranteed to last either three years or 300,000 pages printed. If not, it will be replaced cost-free.

Paper handling is another area in which this printer excels. The basic paper drawer can hold up to 500 sheets of paper. In addition, the multi-purpose tray has a capacity of 100 sheets. Among the media that can be used with the printer are regular bond or recycled paper, post cards, envelopes, labels and transparencies.

Further paper handling options are available depending on your needs. These include options for paper feeding, envelope feeding, document sorting and ability for double sided printing. These additional options make it simple to start with one configuration and change it as your office needs change.

An additional way to expand the utility of the 1900D printer is to install a hard disk. With this, you can enter the job and the number of copies desired on the front. You can also select an option to proof the first copy and then choose the number to print after seeing it is correct. Users can be assigned pin codes to ensure confidentiality. And you can store jobs and then select them for printing from the front panel of the printer when ready.

These printers can be used with a variety of network interfaces and operating systems, further enhancing its ability to serve a variety of users. The 1900D features a USB interface as standard, making it especially easy to use with different computers. Both PCs and Apples can easily be connected to the same printer.

For a versatile printer that can handle a variety of users and jobs, this Kyocera printer accompanied by Kyocera FS-1900D toner is a good choice. Not having to worry about how your product will look to your important clients is simply a given when using Kyocera toner.  Though it may be more expensive than some on the initial cost, there will undoubtedly be costs savings, including replacement toner needs.  You save all around.

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