Recommended Steps For First Time Passport Applicants

by garrett on August 9, 2011

The day when someone gets his passport is considered an important event by most U. S. Citizens. It means that he can travel to other countries. All U. S. holders of passports become official guests of their host country and they will be treated with respect. They will experience what life is abroad and get a chance to interact with other people. If you want to get the great learning experience of traveling, read this article meant for first time passport applicants.

Age Makes A Difference

Most of the steps to be undertaken for adult and minor applicants are similar. The most obvious difference is that the parents will be doing most of the documentation for their children. This is true for kids that are less than 15 years old. Applicants who are 15 to 16 years old can do all the legwork but they need written parental consent that allows them to travel.

Form DS-11

As in most official transactions applying for a passport needs a request. This is done with Form DS-11. This is publicly available and can be downloaded from the web site of the Department of State. This is also freely available in a lot of postal centers and government libraries.

Birth Certificate

It is also required to obtain the applicant’s birth certificate. This must bear the dry seal of the issuing office. Inspect the documents for important information that might be missing. Such include the full names of both parents of the applicant and the applicant’s full name, place and date of birth.

Make A Personal Appearance

After gathering and completing all the paperwork, the applicant must secure his recent passport-sized picture. He will bring all documents and make a personal appearance to the nearest acceptance center. For minor applicants, it is important for both parents to be with them. They will affix their signatures on Form DS-11 as an indication of consent to travel. When a guardian is present in lieu of the parent, the adult must be ready to show a signed affidavit that allows him to accompany minor applicants.

Processing Fees

After passing the inspection of personal documents, the payment for the application must be paid. There are two types of applications for this document. One is a regular application that takes four to six weeks to complete. An expedited application is also available and has three weeks processing time.

Your Status

There is a way to find out how far the application has been processed. This is done using a web tracking application. All those interested are required to log in and provide their family names, birthdates and the last four numbers of their Social Security Numbers.

Take Care Of It

When the applicant has taken hold of his new passport, he should exercise all care in handling the documents. Once passports get unauthorized alterations, they become invalid and cannot be replaced right away. Holders of damaged passports have to apply for a new one. The process of getting new passports is surprisingly easy. For first time passport applicants, the secret really is to just make sure that all required documents are completed. Now just go online or to your nearest American passport office.

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