The Process To Renew Damaged Passport Documents

by erin on January 11, 2011

You should always know how to properly renew damaged passport if you have plans of traveling internationally. It is pertinent that you realize that you should never attempt to travel with documents that are not in the appropriate condition. If you don’t believe that your documents are suitable for traveling, you should remember the following to assist you with renewal or replacement.

In order to have your documents replaced, you will need to fill out the appropriate forms provided by the government. These types of forms are available on the internet for your convenience so you don’t have to go directly to the office to obtain them. You can fill out the form on the internet and then print it out with your correct information.

When the form has been completed, there is then the requirement that they must be submitted within five days for processing. If this does not happen in the appropriate amount of days, the form will then become void and you will have to complete another. The time period is often forgotten, leading people to have expired renewal forms.

Additionally, you should not sign the form until you are at the office with an official watching you. If you sign the paper any time prior to the submission, you will automatically make the form void and you will have to restart on a new form. Again, when you have signed the form, you only have five days to officially submit it for approval.

There is also another form necessary for submitting for replacement documents. This form is a specific statement that explains you are asking for a renewal or replacement because your documents are currently missing, stolen or damaged. If your documents are not in good condition, you will need to explicitly explain why your documents are damaged so that they may be approved for a replacement.

As with any submission for travel documents, you need to have proof of your identity and nationality available. You can expect that you will also need to have your identification photos ready to submit for your replacement document as well. Typically when your documents damaged, the photos will not be salvageable enough for you to use for the new documents, and so you will have to submit new photographs.

If you are in need of getting these documents as soon as possible, you need to provide a reason for it to be expedited. Generally, you will have to pay an extra fee for this process. Additionally, you will have to provide some proof that you are going to be traveling to another country in a time period soon enough to merit a rush on the processing period.

Having a good understanding of these factors will help you with the process of how to replace a damaged passport. As a whole, you will discover that it is a simple process and generally completing the passport application takes a reasonable amount of time. For anyone in a hurry to gain a replacement, you should be able to use expedited services to assist you.

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