Renew Your Passport The Easy Way: A Guide For The American Women

by erin on May 15, 2011

The headache associated with the process one must go through to quickly renew a passport in the United States leaves a lot of women in limbo as most of them are not sure how to go about it. It is easy to renew your passport if you are equipped with the right information. This document will become expired when a person forgets to renew it during the proper time period.

Standard Processing

It has become a standard processing method to apply for the renewal of all United States passports. Before one goes out to get this done however, they should be aware of the date it was issued and how lone it will be before it expires. When renewing a passport, it can be done by going online or by visiting a local passport office and using the mail service.

Recommended Acceptance

When you have found out how old the passport is, you can go to the local post office or court office as they are also recommended acceptance facilities for all renewals. For anyone who is not sure where these places are, go to the site of the United States of America Department of State.

Personal Details

The DS-11 is a form that is used for all applications. It has information from personal details to residential information and all these details must be filled in and each page duly appended. The forms are always available at acceptance facilities but if not, they can be downloaded from the website for the Department of State.

Citizenship Proof

A proof of citizenship will then have to be tendered before the renewal process is continued. It can be the passport that is being renewed or it could be a certificate of birth issued by the government. Anyone who does not have one of these has the alternative of bringing a “Letter of No Record” which will be stapled to a medial birth certificate.

Photo Requirements

The production of two pictures is also a very important part of this process. The pictures must adhere to certain requirements regarding size, pose and background. Any photo being used has to have a good exposure. It has to have a plain background with no image on it. It should not be damaged in any way and should not show the side of your head.

Accepted Documents

The next thing is to make available proof of identity in your real name. The documents that are accepted for this purpose include a passport, a military identification card, a naturalization certificate or the license issued by the traffic department. A social security card or a library card can also be produced. Bring a friend with ID as backup.

Passport Renewal

Lastly, renewing your passport will become an urgent matter if you put the process off too long. It then becomes an item of urgency and a 24 hour passport should be sought after. A successful renewal must meet the requirements as laid down by the American government. It is not a good idea to wait until it expires to get a new document.

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