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by erin on June 8, 2011

You will find the procedures for renewing a passport easy to accomplish if you make use if the mail. For this to happen however, there are some basic requirements that must be met. To begin with, you present passport has to be legible, and it can not have been issued more than fifteen years ago. The holder has to be more than age sixteen. The names must match up on the application form and older version. If not, there must be an accompanying documents that certify a change of name.

Meet Conditions

If these conditions can not all be met, you have to apply in person. When conditions are met, the first thing to do is get hold of Form DS-82. You can get a copy online from the website of the State Department. They also allow it to be completed online. It can also be printed out for mailing along with some other necessary material.

Processing Time

Latest estimates are that the processing of received takes two to three weeks to review. Failure to fully complete documents by leaving out something critical like social security numbers can create lengthy delays. Place everything into an envelope that is reinforced.

Required Submissions

Required submissions include the present passport. There also has to be a photo of the correct sized stapled into the appropriate spot for such on the application form. If a name has undergone change via marriage, the marriage certificate must be presented. For $60, the matter will be expedited. Checks should be to the U. S. State Department. You can also use money orders. Clearly print “Expedite” on the outside of the envelope you use for mailing. Send via overnight express.


The State department which has oversight for this has a couple of recommendations when it comes to mailings. They suggest using a traceable system. The post office and private carriers offer such methods. They also suggest making use of a Tyvek envelope or something equally as strong.

Mail Submissions

In order to take advantage of the mail system, one has to have a United States address at which to pick up mail. This will not be delivered to a foreign address. Those citizens dwelling in other countries should contact their embassy to accomplish all this. Those living in Canada still have access to the mail process.

Passport Agency

If time is truly short or these standards do not apply, a good choice will be contact with the regional Passport Agency to receive an appointment at a local office speedily. This will be needed when international travel comes within two weeks. If a visa has to be had in four weeks, also do this.

Online Application

Renewing a passport has become relatively easy because of advances offered by the internet and via the mail. A major hurdle can be finished online via submission of the application to replace a lost passport. Then some documents and a photo go through the mail. By paying more, things can be expedited. There is a fee offer for this from the State Department which amounts to $60. Next day mail also shortens time, and it costs less.

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