Replacing A Lost Passport

by garrett on January 24, 2012

Before applying to have your lost pass port replaced, you need to report it so it cannot be tampered with and used by someone else. There is a specific form that you have to use to apply for a replacement known as a DS-11. This can be filled in online or you can print it out and post it with the required documents. If you make use of and expediting company it will save you a lot of time and effort.

Report Loss

You can report a lost US passport by calling the Department of State. It is also possible to include a DS-64 form when you send in your application or apply in person. There is no way that it can be validated again once it is reported lost so if you find it, you should send it in.

If In A Foreign Country

If you are overseas when you loose it, you can contact the US consulate or embassy. They can assist you to apply for a new one but the process cannot be expedited. If you cannot wait then it would be best to ask them for a temporary passport. Full ones can only be printed in the States and will be posted abroad.


You could still apply through an expediting company from any other country. This is made even easier because most of them will allow you to apply through their website. They will be able to expedite the process and it will only take slightly longer than the time required for international posting. If you don’t mind the wait, you can apply through the consulate or embassy to the Department of State. There is a different process than if you where to do it locally so check with them about that.

Replacement In The U.S.

If you are in the US, it is possible to have your application expedited. You can either mail in the application, which should be done on a DS-82 form, or you can submit it at a Post Office, passport agency or other official location. Routine applications should take 4-6 weeks and expedited applications 2-3 weeks if overnight delivery is arranged for sending and receiving.

24-Hour Service

An expediting company can ensure much faster delivery and you could get your passport within 24 hours if you have pre-booked a flight. There will normally be a range of options that you can choose from. These will range from a day to a couple of weeks.


There are certain original damaged American passport documents that are required regardless of how you choose to apply. They will be returned to you and have to be accompanied by copies. If they are going to be posted then you should use tracking and protective envelopes. If they are going to the Department of State, you should clearly mark on the envelope if they are to be expedited.

Identification such as a birth certificate or government ID is required as well as proof of citizenship. An application form needs to be accompanied by a statement of your lost US passport or your damaged passport. Two photos must be supplied and for emergency applications you might need to show your intent to travel.

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