Review Of The HP LaserJet 8100dn Printer

by erin on January 25, 2010

If you are after a solid printer that can efficiently keep up with your businesses or team’s demands, then a workgroup laser model would be a good choice. These are built to handle multiple print jobs and generally have fast processors, a large memory, and print engines that can pump out an average of twenty pages each minute. A good example of such a machine is the HP LaserJet 8100dn printer using HP LaserJet 8100dn toner.

Coming in at around the four hundred dollar mark, the printers in this category are more than turbo charged personal laser options. They bring to your office various essential workgroup features such as high capacity cartridges and network printing. Also they should have larger paper output and input trays.

So why is the LaserJet 8100dn worth considering? Well, the basic specs will give you an idea of why this model is such a popular choice. It is a 32 ppm monochrome laser printer. The maximum resolution is stated as being 1,200 dpi. It is ideal for an office or any size. Whether you need to print a lot of documents every day or just a couple of times a week, its performance should be more than adequate for your needs.

In these times of economic uncertainty it is essential to keep a tight lid on any company’s budget. This reliable HP printer will not cost an arm and leg. Its typical market price is set at three hundred and seventy dollars, though if you research enough dealers you may be able to find a special offer where you can pick a new 8100dn for as little as three hundred dollars.

When deciding whether or not to invest in a specific model it’s important to identify the advantages of a particular machine. The HP LaserJet 8100dn has more merits than pitfalls. Its duty cycle has been fixed at 20,000 pages a month. You will find that this is generally much higher than other similarly priced models, and to find another printer with such a large capacity would require paying upwards of a thousand dollars for the same performance.

Today it’s essential that any new hardware can easily be integrated with your office communication network. This HP model comes with Ethernet capability so that you can easily connect it to your office LAN without any hassle or problems. It can handle as many as 1,100 sheets in its input tray at the same time, this is far better when compared to other printers that require refilling much sooner.

It is the type of printer in which you can have confidence in setting up and then leaving to do its work. There is very little maintenance involved and there have been very few occasions when faults have been noticed. To improve the speed it takes to complete any printing task, this LaserJet has been designed with the facility for duplex printing. This is when both sides of a page can be printed with one pass of the print heads.

In summary, this HP printer is a very reliable monochrome workgroup machine using the superior HP LaserJet 8100dn toner. Considering its price, it is an excellent value for money. You will be more than happy with its performance and with the output from the HP toner.  Price is also a factor with replacement toner and you can find the best bargains online.

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