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by erin on May 27, 2011

One of the most important factors in any business is communication. Over the last few years there are more ways to communicate than ever before and so companies are faced with a dilemma of how to address modern communication needs. This RingCentral review looks into one of the most progressive companies in this area who is offering the right package of services at a good price.

Common Practices

Communication practices for small and medium-sized businesses are important to get right because if they spend too long chasing calls and e-mails, it’s time taken away from their core service. That is why RingCentral has geared their services to the needs of small business. The marketing message is that they’ve developed a communication system that can be taken anywhere.

Professional Image

For the small business owner, nothing is more important than projecting a professional image. One of the great things about the RingCentral system is that it gives the option of choosing any telephone number they want. The business owner can use a non-geographic number such as 0800 or they can choose a particular location or city and use that area code if they so choose.

Sophisticated System

Whatever they choose, it’s much better than using a home land line or mobile phone. But the RingCentral system is much more sophisticated than that. It offers an auto receptionist service and a number of extensions that can be set up to direct callers to different parts of the company. It could well be that it’s the same person picking up the messages from all the different extensions but the customer will still get the feeling there it’s a much larger company.

Personalized Greeting

The business owner can record their own personalized greeting message or use one of the generic messages supplied by RingCentral. The auto receptionist will then greet the caller and offer the extensions or names of department the caller may be interested in. The caller will think they are dealing with a much larger organization.

Caller Extension

Once the caller is through to the extension they require, the business owner has the option of speaking directly to the caller or letting them go through to an answer phone service. Again, this has its own personalized greeting. This frees up time for the business as they can deal with non-urgent calls later if they wish.

Business Owner

If the business owner lets the call go through to the answer phone, RingCentral records the message and stores it in the client account. The caller’s number and the date and time of the call is also stored. If required, they can forward the message in a wav file to the business owners e-mail and can do so within seconds of the caller completing the message.

Receive Calls

The business owner can literally be anywhere in the world when they receive these calls on their virtual phones as all calls and faxes can be directed to a mobile phone. This is one of the great things about this system and is why small businesses love it so much. RingCentral offers tailor-made services for business communications that free up the time and resources of the company. The pricing structure and services they offer are very attractive and the company looks set to grow even further.

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