Salzburg – An Interesting City For History Aficionados

by erin on April 18, 2011

For those that have ever watched the famous movie The Sound of Music, the name Salzburg might ring a bell. There are also those that might recognize the name as the home of Mozart. While the city is certainly stunning on the movie screen, seeing it first-hand pales it in comparison. Located right in the middle of the length Austria, it sits almost on the border of Germany. The city is known for its gorgeous Baroque buildings, intriguing history, and vibrant culture. If you are thinking of traveling to Austria soon or in the future, you will have to get a passport first.

Passport Service

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History Lovers

It’s not hard to see why history lovers are flocking to the city of Salzburg every year. Recently, evidence has been found that suggests people have been inhabiting the area of today’s Salzburg as far back as 15 BC. Salzburg translates into the name “Salt Castle,” and this is a testament to the very important salt trade that took place on the nearby Salzach River. A great historical landmark is Schloss Hellbrunn. This building was once the summer palace to the Archbishops of Salzburg. The gardens and the fountains are beautiful, and the area itself is a great low-key way to spend some time. This low-key feel means you will have plenty of energy to continue exploring the rest of Salzburg.

Numerous Sites

The place to get the most stunning view of Salzburg is Hohensalzburg Fortress. The fortress is located on top of a very impressive mountain, and the views are definitely breathtaking. After taking in the scenery, you can explore the inside of the fortress, which serves as a Medieval museum. Here you can find all sorts of interesting artifacts and information from that time. At 11am and 6pm in Residenz Square, the famous 300 year old Glockenspiel plays, so if you are in the area around the time, definitely stop for a listen.

Shopping And Cuisine

While you may find yourself caught up in all the history of Salzburg, try to make a little time to shop and sample some of Salzburg’s best known dishes. Two shopping spots – Getreidegasse and Alter Markt Square – are known for their quaint and interesting old-fashioned stores. They are popular shopping destinations. If beer is a much-loved part of your life, head to Müllner Bräu beer garden. Here you can relax in a stunning garden and drink famous Austrian Märzen. Another great place to get food is a farm market, where you can buy fresh pastries, cheeses, fruits, and a lot more.

More Interests

This little list barely covers a fraction of the things you are able to do in Salzburg. Take the time to do a little research yourself. Make a plan that involves seeing the things you are interested in, whether it’s delving into the life of Mozart, the course of history, or the artistic background of Salzburg, you won’t be disappointed. Get your passport before you go, however, And don’t forget: if you have a lost passport, you can get a replacement for it online.

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