Steps To Get A Same-Day U.S. Passport

by erin on September 20, 2010

A prime necessity for people who might have to travel under sudden short notice are same day American passports. And in some situations, it is not because you have to travel under short notice but because maybe your passport was stolen prior to a holiday or business trip. Whatever the case may be, such passports are a reality and I will show you how to get them.

Have all the documents required for the application prior to making your application. Several documents are needed for any passport application, such as birth certificates, marriage certificates and passport size photos. Besides these documents, the other thing you will require is the application fee itself.

Visiting an online pasport expediting service that gives passport assistance is the best alternative but if you prefer to do it in person, visit a passport agency. Passport agencies are responsible for processing passport application forms and there are agencies in New York, San Francisco and in Washington D. C. Traveling to a city where they have a passport agency might be a consideration if you stay in a town that does not have one. Setting up an appointment with an agent there is very important as it quickens the process itself in situations where long lines are the order of the day. However, there are times where there are no lines and setting up an appointment will be a waste of time.

Prove to the agents why exactly you need the passport processed in twenty four hours. All government departments are bound by a code of transparency that places an obligation on them to verify all applications required at great speed. Therefore, use anything that shows them that you need the passport urgently, like plane tickets and letters informing you of the death of a relative or friend. However, this is not always expected to happen since the lines of worry on your face can be good enough proof.

Filling in the relevant application forms and paying the prescribed fees for a same day passport are the next steps. Make sure you fill in the exact form required or the passport might take forever to be processed. Ensure you fill it out carefully and attach all necessary documents since any mistakes can leave your plans in complete disarray. By now, you are probably wondering what to do if you do not stay close to a passport processing facility.

Like I mentioned before, expeditors are available for people who do not have a passport agency in their town or city. Expeditors take your application and process it for you for a fee, one which you should expect to be high. But the only problem is that these expeditors only work with passport renewals. Over and above, such expeditors save you the money you could have spent on traveling to another town.

With that done, you can simply wait. Once issued, you can rush to collect it, only if the passport agency is in your city or town. However, if you worked with expeditors you are going to have to wait for the mail since this is the only way for them to get it to you quickly and cheaply.

The process of applying for a same day pass port is never easy. It is, however, much better if you access a US passport expediting service. Therefore do not expect things to work out as planned, in fact expect the worst. Have all essential documents and fill out forms to the letter to ensure that nothing goes wrong at the last minute.

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