Samsung CLP 300 – Redefining How The World Looks At Printing

by garrett on April 23, 2009

After a lot of “printer searching,” we finally came across the Samsung CLP 300 printer. When we seen this printer, we automatically knew that we were getting our hands on a bargain. You see, this printer had everything we could have ever hoped for. If you would like to know some more information on the Samsung CLP 300 printer – Samsung CLP 300 Toner, then you have come to the best place.

First of all, we must tell you that this is the second laser printer we have had in our office now. This one is wonderful and absolutely stunning. Besides, this shouldn’t be surprising, since Samsung is known for producing high quality stuff. The drivers that come with this printer go easily onto the computer. You do not have to sit there, hassling with it as you’re trying to figure it out. When they say it is easy to use, they really do mean it.

This printer didn’t even skip a beat. In fact, it had its test page done in no time. This printer has many pros. For instance, when you are printing, it does not have that annoying, high noise. That’s right, this printer is very quiet as it is printing.

It prints around twenty five seconds to print a high quality picture. The drivers that come with it also give you many different options. For example, double sided printing, watermarks, booklet printing, printing posters and much more are some of the options you will have.

Did we mention that it is compact? This means it is easy to use and will not be taking up much space in your home or office. The Samsung CLP 300 Toner containers are easy to get out as well. This is the smallest and less expensive printer we have ever came across.

When you look at the dimensions of the printer, you will find that it is nearly fifteen inches wide and ten inches deep. Another factor that we like is that it weighs thirty pounds, which is not heavy at all.

This printer seems to handle paper really well. The whole time we have had it, it has not had any of those annoying paper jams, like our past printers have had. There is a one hundred and fifty sheet paper that comes out from the front and will be holding a number of different paper sizes.

It holds anything from 3X5 cards to the legal-sized sheets. Take note that the tray expands out in order to hold those longer sheets. For more information, be sure to check out our site at

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