Sao Paulo – The Big City You Crave With A Southern Twist

by erin on February 1, 2011

People love to travel to the big cities of the world. These cities exhibit a characteristic that draws people to them, whether it’s the nightlife, the crowds of people, the atmosphere, or any combination of them. Whatever it is, cities like New York City, London, and so many more have been calling these people to their streets for generations. Sao Paulo is the largest city in the Southern Hemisphere, but it is severely underrated. It’s a city that has so much to offer: a living cultural experience, a trendy feel, and a very diverse sort of atmosphere. Sao Paulo is truly one of the most interesting places to travel to in the world, but before you get started on your trip, you will have to fill out a passport application.

A passport is required to travel anywhere outside the US, and there are online passport processing sites to help you get yours. These sites take a normally stressful and drawn-out process and compresses it into something efficient and reliable. Expedited passport delivery ensures that you get your passport by the date you need it, instead of waiting for it to come. There are also plenty of other services, like one that can replace a damaged passport for you.

You can be sure that you will never run out of fun things to do and interesting places to see while in Sao Paulo. While deciding what to do can be daunting, it’s important to pick things that appeal to your own personal taste. The nightlife in Sao Paulo comes highly recommended and for good reason. There are all sorts of nighttime entertainment: jazz clubs, dance clubs for every different type of music, comedy clubs, and much more.

Ibirapuera Park is just another highly recommended place to stop during your trip. This park is famous among locals, who love to go and escape the busy city atmosphere for a while. There are endless bike, running, and walking trails, as well as a substantial forested area, a beautiful lake, courts and areas for all different types of sports, and even a couple art galleries. Be sure to visit the vendors as well as exploring the surrounding area as well.

Serra da Cantareira is for those who are looking to escape the city for a little while and see some of the natural environment surrounding the Sao Paulo area. This group of mountains contains a state park and historical area that are definitely worth checking out. The real tropical rainforest houses the largest colony of howler monkeys in Brazil. What makes this area so treasured by Brazilians is the geological formations. The plenteous springs, rivers, and reservoirs provide fresh water which is stored in beautiful natural stone caverns called cantaros.

Sao Paulo is one of those places that has a seemingly endless supply of things to do in see, so make sure to do as much as you can. Start your adventure by filling out a passport application online. Also be sure to check out the other services as well, such as the ones that can help you replace a damaged passport or renew an expired passport. Don’t forget that you can get expedited passport shipping by going online as well.

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