From Scuba Diving To Incredible Cuisine, Turkey Is A Destination That Has It All

by erin on July 28, 2010

Turkey holds so much culture and so much history, and all you have to do is take your family to explore it. Everything from the culture and the clothes to the people and the traditions makes this location so special, and if you aren’t afraid of a little culture shock, you’ll want to explore it for yourself. The combination of influences from all of Turkey’s neighbors create a unique atmosphere that should be experienced. All you need is a passport, and courier USA passport services, available online, can help you do this.

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The capital of Turkey is the city of Istanbul. The liveliness that this city is known for can be attributed to the sheer number of spectacular sights found around the city. At the world-famous Grand Bazaar, handmade crafts and goods can be bought from the 4,000 vendors that set up shop there. The Hippodrome is the location of every type of performance you can think of, as it’s a massive amphitheater. The Hagia Sophia and the Blue Monastery, some of the most famous of their kind, can be found in this city.

The traditional cuisine of Turkey is an experience in itself. Sample some Turkish coffee or tea, or munch on some Turkish delight or a variety of other popular desserts. Fresh, delicious food is important to the Turkish tradition, and you don’t want to miss out on sampling some of it for yourself.

Ballooning is a popular thing to do while in Turkey. Seeing the Turkish landscapes from the basket of a hot air balloon is definitely different than your typical mode of exploration. Whether it’s over giant rolling mountains, lush, dense forests, or colorful meadows of flowers, taking a hot air balloon to do your exploring can be incredibly fun and undeniably romantic. Villages, orchards, and vineyards quietly roll by while you take in all the sights.

Diving is another neat thing to try in Turkey. Surrounded by four seas – the Mediterranean, the Marmara, the Aegean, and the Black Seas – the destinations are seemingly endless. Full of vibrant wildlife, as well as fun underwater topography that includes wrecks, caves, and reefs, a diving trip to Turkey will be unlike any you’ve ever taken.

Definitely take the time to explore the many museums that can be found all over Turkey. Art museums, history museums, science museums, and anthropology museums can all be found in Turkey, and they each hold so much to be discovered. The Toy Museum is one of the most unique. It houses displays that shows toys made from all sorts of materials for all sorts of children. The Karain Cave Museum holds artifacts that have been dated back to 160,000 BC.

Turkey is the place to go if you’re looking to shake up your vacation a little. Courier pasport services means getting there quicker than ever, and with quick and convenient passport renewal, you don’t even need to step outside your front door until you’re on your way to Turkey.

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