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by erin on June 4, 2010

International voyages can be among the most exciting adventures, but they require careful planning in order to go smoothly. It is impossible to set foot outside of the country without a new passport or replacing one that has expired. As a result of travel laws from the past few years, US citizens cannot even travel to Mexico or Canada if they do not have a valid passport. The application process is quite simple, but if it is not completed the right way, the application will be denied.

In the case of those getting a passport for the first time, the application process must be completed personally. This can be done at any one of the many passport application offices across the United States. To finalize the application, several pieces of identification and forms are required so it is important to know exactly what will be expected before going to apply.

The three primary items that are needed for the application are the required forms, proof of citizenship and a primary form of identification. To prove citizenship, applicants may present a birth certificate or previously issued passport. As for primary identification, acceptable forms include a naturalization certificate or a current driver’s license. Applicants must also submit a photocopy of their identification.

There are multiple pieces of paperwork that must be submitted with an application for a new passport. They can be printed in advance from the website for the Department of State. However, applicants must remember that if they sign the forms before they are in the presence of an acceptance agent, they will not be valid.

If a passport needs to be renewed because the expiration date has passed, the applicant may be able to do so without visiting the office. To renew by mail, it required that the expired and undamaged passport is submitted with the application. To be eligible for renewal via mail, the expired passport cannot have been issued more than fifteen years prior and the applicant must have been over sixteen when it was issued. It must also feature the applicant’s current name or include evidence of a name change.

The time frame for receiving a passport after the application is submitted is typically about five weeks. It can be issued within three weeks if the applicant is willing to pay a fee for faster processing. If an applicant plans on traveling within two weeks or has not received their passport after applying, they must make an appointment to meet with a representative from the passport agency.

Of course, there are fees attached to the passport application. An adult passport application requires a payment of one hundred dollars for the passport and the execution fee. A passport for a child costs eighty-five dollars for the same services. If a passport needs to be processed with expedited service, each application will incur an additional charge of sixty dollars.

The paperwork and identification that must be collected to get your first time US passport may seem like a bit of a pain, but following the steps carefully is necessary. One missing piece of information could cause the agency not to accept the American passports, which could potentially destroy upcoming travel plans. A little time in the present will save a lot of trouble in the future and ensure years of amazing travel adventures.

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