Seoul – A City That’s Grown Into A World Giant

by erin on August 3, 2011

The skyline capital and largest city of South Korea, Seoul, is as impressive as it is beautiful. As one of the biggest cities in the world, Seoul has a history that extends back 2000 years, during which time it has always been a very important major settlement. It’s this long history that gives Seoul it’s color, in the form of historical landmarks and beautiful and complex culture. Take this history and throw in neon lights and skyscrapers, and you have the Seoul of today. Traveling to Seoul requires that you have a passport, including a child passport for minors in your group.

Passport Services

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Impressive Places

Seoul is home to no less than five absolutely stunning royal palaces. Because Seoul was once where all the rulers of Korea lived, these palaces served as there homes. Changdeok-gung and Gyeongbok-gung are two of the most impressive and important of these palaces, and each offers something different. Changdeok-gung is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The complex features many buildings, with one of note being the King’s bedchambers and his secret garden. Changdeok-gung was built to impress, and it is breathtaking. Inside this complex, you’ll find the National Museum of Korea and the National Folk Museum, both worth exploring.

National Museum

As stated before, the National Museum of Korea is located within the walls of Gyeongbok-gung. This museum is the largest in all of South Korea, housing more than 220,000 cultural, historical, and artistic pieces that help visitors gain better insight into the history and culture of the Korean people. You’ll find everything from colorful paintings to ancient archaeological artifacts, as well as cafes and stores to check out.

Little Neighborhood

Samcheong-dong Bukchon is a little neighborhood where both locals and tourists can enjoy a laid-back day of shopping,eating, exploring, and people watching. With plenty of cafes, restaurants, art galleries, clothing shops, and places to sit back and relax, it’s a great way to experience an authentic Korean neighborhood and gather some great memories.


Cheonggyecheon is the place to go if you need to retire from the city a little bit and just want to unwind and enjoy some art and pretty natural surroundings. Cheonggyecheon is a river that wasn’t always as pretty as it is today. It used to be thick with pollution, but since it’s been cleaned up, it now serves as a quiet getaway for visitors. The walkway along the stream runs for more than five miles, meaning you can stroll as look as you desire.

Metropolitan Atmoshphere

What makes Seoul such a one-of-a-kind city is the thriving, living metropolitan atmosphere that is still heavily influenced by the deep cultural and historical connections that helped it reach its current state, so if you get the change to take a vacation to Seoul, definitely consider it. Remember to get an adult and child passport for everyone in your family. Also remember that services like expedited damaged passport replacement are available as well.

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