Sharp – Innovative And Reliable – The Sharp Z 75 II Printer And Compatible Toner

by CaroleM on May 14, 2009

Sharp offers some of the best and most effective MFP devices and they also offer leadership through digital technology. There is a range of devices available including the Sharp Z 75 II Printer using Sharp Z 75 II toner that will more than meet the demands of your busy workplace. Sharp is the winner of the BERTL Gold Award for their easy to use control panels, so if it is an idiot proof printer you are looking for, you are looking in the right direction.

The BERTL awards are based on feedback received by means of a survey. This survey spans across 47 different countries, and effectively these are readers’ choice awards. They are part of in-depth research carried out to find the most outstanding candidates amongst digital imaging manufacturers. The respondents of the survey are expected to rate the quality of functionality, reliability, product and service. There are also other categories in the survey and the awards are determined across 23 manufacturers.

Essentially, the fact that Sharp has won this award means that the “market has spoken!” An Ease of Use award is one of the most critical deciding factors for any user who purchases digital equipment. If you think about it carefully, it is worthless having a piece of technologically advanced equipment if no one can operate it. Most equipment of this nature is front-line equipment so everyone needs to know how to be able to use it.

On paper if your MFP can do everything including make coffee, this is all very well and good, but if you give a document to a general office worker to make a copy and she or he comes back with a coffee, you are not going to be very pleased.

In technologically advanced imaging equipment, your highly trained IT experts may have a grasp on how to use it, however, to a general office worker it may appear as rocket science. You can’t ask your IT expert to make copies every time you need them, his time is very expensive, and they certainly won’ appreciate being used as an office boy/girl. It is for this reason alone that the “Ease of Use” award is so very important.

Another very important consideration for you is the cost of your toner cartridges, and how much coverage you receive in the life of a toner cartridge. On average you can be pretty certain that any MFP user will cost twice as much in toner cartridges as the cost of the machine. And although this does seem quite excessive, Sharp MFP’s have toner save functionality that helps you to save toner without having to lose the quality of your images.

It is an important factor to consider the price of your replacement toner cartridges. Prices for these are available at many online stores and this will give you an idea of the cost your toner consumption will have in an annual period.

Summary: Sharp MFP’s are award-winning products. One of the most important things to do is make sure you always make use of manufacturer recommended Sharp Z 75 II Toner cartridges. Use of Sharp toner protects the integrity of your machine and makes sure that it always functions at the highest possible level of quality. Always use a superior toner for a superior machine.

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