Sharp SN 1045 Printer and Compatible Toner – Black and White and Right All Over

by CaroleM on May 18, 2009

product-591045For those looking for an excellent black and white printer the Sharp SN 1045 Printer using Sharp SN 1045 toner is a good choice. This printer uses a parallel port or USB connection to hook up to your computer or network. You can get three different printing services all in one machine as the Sharp SN 1045 Printer is a scanner, copier and printer. It produces high quality documents with a printing resolution of 600 x 600.

The maximum speed for printing is 10 pages per minute with a very quick warm up for the first job of the day. Software, paperwork and a starter toner all come with the printer in the box and you will need your own connection cords. It is even possible to run this printer on a network using a modem making it an excellent printer for small businesses. Those who have used the Sharp SN 1045 Printer in the past claim it is very easy to use and install.

It is compatible with Windows operating systems and can be run on a computer that has MS Windows 98, MS Windows ME, MS Windows NT 4.0, MS Windows 95, MS Windows 2000 and MS Windows XP. The machine has excellent security options so you don’t have to worry about unauthorized access of your important documents. This model has managed to correct all of the issues with previous models and has excellent, easy to use printing functions.

The Sharp SN 1045 Printer was designed specifically for small business use and comes with superior technical support alongside the innovative and reliable technology in the printer itself. The crispness and clarity of the printing is of the highest quality and uses the best of laser technology. It is possible to print on different types of specialized media and use one of the many finishing options available, such as multi position stapling, folding and hole punching.

The copier is up and running in the morning in just 10 seconds so there is no waiting for the copier to warm up. The enlargement and reduction functions have been preset into the machine but you can also customize your reduction or zoom in 1% increments. The minimum reduction is 25% and the maximum enlargement is 400%.

It is possible to add more memory to the Sharp SN 1045 Printer, as it comes with a standard 8 MB. There are also many different paper options as the input tray holds 350 sheets or paper and the output tray has a maximum capacity of 250 sheets. You can print on regular paper, A4 paper, legal paper, bond, envelopes, recycled paper and even cards of various sizes.

If you have a small office and find that having three separate machines will tax your space allotment for printing services then the Sharp SN 1045 Printer is a great machine as the combination of machines makes it a great space saver. Everything you need to install and use your printer comes with the printer and you can set up a great document system for your business.

Most of the errors associated with the printer occur because either the drum kit or toner needs to be replaced or the machine is dirty. Many times blurry printing and horizontal lines indicate the need for a new drum kit. The user guide will detail the recommended number of printing for each toner cartridge and drum kit.

The Sharp SN 1045 Printer, which needs Sharp SN 1045 toner, is the perfect solution for small businesses. Sharp Toner provides high quality, crisp documents every time. This printer is very easy to use and comes with some excellent features and options. Choose reliable toner to make the most of this machine.

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