Sizing Up The Samsung ML 1710PD Printer

by adam on March 2, 2010

Sizing up the Samsung ML 1710PD printer using Samsung ML 1710PD toner quickly reveals a personal monochrome laser printer that delivers good performance, especially when one considers its price. At present, various versions of this handy little printer can be found for between 40 and 60 dollars, with one large website of note offering the printer for about 50 dollars, including shipping. Samsung, the Korean electronics maker, has done a nice job with the printer, it seems.

This Samsung, being a personal printer, is both compact and somewhat stylish. It offers ease of installation and fairly nice text quality. Additionally, Samsung has built in more than enough support to accommodate a wide variety of computer operating systems, in addition to the standard Microsoft and Mac offerings. Most users report it also offers a level of high-speed printing not often seen in a model of this price.

Weighing in at about 15 pounds, the Samsung ML measures a nice 14 inches by 14 inches by 8 inches, making it the perfect small printer for any shelf or desktop. One won’t have any trouble picking it up and moving it around if need be, although it’ll be more appreciated for its smallness and high performance than for anything else. And performance is what this printer seems to offer more than anything else.

Print speed in this Samsung comes in at a fairly quick 16 pages per minute in A4 paper size and an even better 17 pages per minute when it comes to ‘A’ size media stock. As far as what the printer can produce copy on, it handles just about all the common media stock that most anybody with a need for a printer will require. This includes card, envelope, labels, plain paper and transparencies.

This particular Samsung can be connected to a computer only one way and that is via USB 2.0 input/output port connections. Keep in mind that the printer is aimed at those with a need for a bargain in mind, so be prepared to spend a few extra dollars on a cable. It’ll come with a toner cartridge, though, and there’s also a setup guide that will quickly walk the printer’s owner through all the steps necessary to get it up and running in short order.

Print resolution is equally as fine, and it’s obvious that Samsung intended this printer to deliver print performance nearly the equal of its more expensive (and more capable) brethren. At 600 dots per inch, any copy that emerges from the printer will look crisp and clear. There’ll be no evidence of blur or smearing, either, which isn’t always something that’s possible in printers at this price point.

The Samsung ML can hold 250 sheets of paper within its single tray and there’s a serviceable output. The toner cartridge is good for about 3,000 pages and the monthly duty cycle is a robust 15,000 pages per month, meaning that the printer can operate for quite some time before needing either a cartridge swap-out or even any standard maintenance. This is also a bit surprising for a printer in this price range, it must be said.

The Samsung ML 1710PD printer is a nicely-priced personal monochrome laser printer that works well under many different circumstances and situations. It also can run off of Linux, in addition to Mac OS 8.6 and later, as well as several different Microsoft Windows operating systems. Given that it offers high-speed printing at a bargain price, and with nice solid print resolution, there’s little to dislike about the little Samsung that could.

This print resolution is aided by the clarity of the Samsung ML 1710PD toner.  Seeming to stop the need for reprints, Samsung toner offers everything the moderate user could wish for, including great replacement toner prices when shopping online.

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