Small Business Gives Glowing My1voice Review

by erin on June 6, 2011

When opening a small business, decisions must be made at a rapid pace and often little time is given to think about it. Communication needs are a different matter, however, as they are usually made prior to the business opening. When asked, small businesses gave a positive My1voice review.

Aspect Handling

When the owner of a business is handling all aspects of running the business, reaching them can be a challenge as they are always on the go. Carrying a cell phone can be helpful, but it will not always be appropriate to answer it. If an important client is calling, the owner does not want to ignore them at all but they also do not want to answer it in the grocery store because it looks unprofessional.

Business Voicemail

If a customer gets the business voice mail once or twice, they generally do not mind, especially if they are calling at odd hours. However, if they continually get the answering machine, they may begin to feel like they are not important. When customers feel like they are not needed, they generally go elsewhere.

Costly Solution

The most costly solution, a receptionist, can be very worth the money if the business has a need for office assistance. Not only can the employee provide excellent customer service by answering the phone, they can handle other assignments around the office between calls. Cross training can be very beneficial, particularly for a business that intends to grow substantially.

Answering Service

Hiring an answering service is a popular favorite, however, references should always be checked when interviewing companies. No business can afford to have a third party be rude to customers. While this is rare, checking references can avoid losing a customer. One feature that people like about the answering service is their ability to reach the owner if they feel the call is an emergency or a high priority call.

Innovative Company

A new and innovative company has come up with an interesting solution to the communication dilemma. With the My1voice solution, customers can purchase one number and have all of their calls go where ever they wish from that number. There are a number of ways to receive messages also, including an option to receive voice mail as text.

Customer Demographic

When selecting a telephone number, the demographic of the customers should be reviewed. For local business that will rely on local customers for support, a local number is usually best. Customers will feel that they are dealing with a neighbor and be more responsive. When doing business out of the area or dealing with other businesses as customers, a toll free number is a great choice as it gives a professional and established feel.


Customers are the most important part of any business and their communication needs are of paramount importance. When deciding on a type of communication system for a business, many things should be considered in addition to system cost. Even when price is an issue, however, the My1voice review showed lower rates than many other communication options with virtual phones.

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