Sober Living

by AdamS on July 28, 2012

For many individuals, staying sober can be the hardest part about drug or alcohol recovery.  Simply just getting clean in the first place, is not the end of the rehab treatment.  The hardest step for most recovering addicts is staying clean and adjusting to sober living.  Many rehab clinics offer aftercare services for those who undergo treatment.  The aftercare service serves to provide a structured environment and open forum for recovering addicts to help each other stay clean and away from the temptations of using drugs or alcohol again.  Check out for more information on sober living options.

Battling the Subconscious

Often times, when an individual is recovering from an addiction to drugs or alcohol, they will have dreams in which they fall off of the wagon and end up going on a drug or alcohol binge.  These dreams can become very intense to the point where the affected individual can not tell whether the experience was real or just a dream.   These dreams can often become so frightening and vivid that the person having them might even decide to start using drugs or alcohol again, to cope with how scared and powerless they feel.  In most of these cases, having a sponsor can prove to be the most important factor in staying away from backsliding into drug addiction.

Keeping the Mind Off of Drugs

The path to recovery can be very long and arduous but one key to staying on the right track is to keep the mind off of triggers that can cause relapses.  One simple way to stay busy and focused on sobriety is to get a busy job.  Having a job helps the recovering addict by keeping their mind busy with the task at hand and not left to have wandering thoughts.  Just as idle hands have been called the devil’s playground, an idle mind can be a very dangerous thing for anyone recovering from addiction.

Resources for Sobriety

There are plenty of resources to help recovering addicts work through their sobriety.  The road to recovery does not have to be a solitary path; there is help all over the place.  The internet is full of forums, blogs and medical resources that can be used by anyone who needs help recovering.  The forums in the recovery community are basically big groups of people that can talk about their journey and work out their problems with each other’s help.  These resources can be extremely helpful for anyone who is struggling to maintain their sobriety.

Sober living can be a very difficult process for anyone trying to recover from a drug or alcohol addiction.  However, it does not have to be such a hardship; there are plenty of resources available for anyone on the road to recovery.   After completing the detox process, many individuals will have trouble staying sober without help.  The good news is that most rehab facilities now offer aftercare programs to help ease the cravings to use again.  These programs consist of networks of other people who are also on the road to recovery and can help each other stay sober. Check out for more info on continued care.

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