Some Benefits Of An HP LaserJet 9000 Printer For A Small Business

by adam on February 12, 2010

One of the concerns of many small businesses is making wise investments in equipment for a home office or small outside office. The challenge becomes even more apparent when a person is attempting to select a printer for their business.  Investing in a printer that will be used solely for business purposes is often a daunting task, one that the HP LaserJet 9000 printer using HP LaserJet 9000 toner rises to nicely.

The features, options, and accessories offered for a business system often exceeds what an individual would see in a regular home multi-function printer. However, the features and options available on the larger systems are very important to the new business. There will be a tremendous amount of printing required when you start your marketing and sales campaigns.

In addition to seeing the day-to-day tasks one normally uses their printer for, there are many underlying tasks associated with an office. Among these are printing multiple marketing materials. The printer that is selected must be able to accommodate heavy card stock. This paper is used for business cards, booklet covers, and pamphlets. In a smaller printer, this paper will quickly wear out the mechanisms of the printer.

In particular, heavy paper and recycled paper have a tendency to wear small printers out very quickly. The drag on recycled paper creates dust particles that clog many of the small components found within the printer. In addition, the weight of card stock puts drag on the rubber wheels, which wears them out very quickly.

Business office systems are designed with these tasks in mind. The wheels are made from a durable metal that is coded with rubber. Therefore, they do not wear in the same way as the smaller systems. The wheels are designed to pull simultaneously and are balanced to adjust to any change in depth of rubber.

There are very few parts in the larger systems. Those parts that are in the larger printers are covered and protected from dust and particles. The drum in most large printers is contained within the toner cartridge and is not exposed to the paper in the same way as the smaller systems.

The memory card in the printer holds documents in a printer queue until they are ready to be printed. The memory card that comes with a standard printer is made to hold documents for no more than two individuals. When more people are going to be added to the printer, it will be important that the card be expanded to accommodate their needs. When the card is expanded to meet the needs of all staff, there will be no disruption in workflow when they are waiting for documents to print.

Getting the necessary accessories when making the investment in an HP LaserJet 9000 printer will save time and resources. As the business grows, it will be much easier to have those parts and accessories on hand that are required to allow the business to expand smoothly and seamlessly. Talking to a professional about the proper accessories and options needed for your business will give you the knowledge needed to make a decision about the best printer for you.

One of the accessories needed is HP LaserJet 9000 toner.  This HP toner will be an ongoing expense and it would benefit any business to find their replacement toner online at the great prices offered.

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