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by erin on March 9, 2011

When people are looking for news, communication or entertainment, there’s one place that they go, the internet. Just ten years ago, technology made a worldwide web possible. Despite the fact that it was originally just a means for the United States of Defense to decentralize all of their extremely important information, it’s become a tool that essentially belongs to the public. Business thrives online and GoDaddy Hosting helps it along.

Before moving on, you need to understand what hosting is. To make it plain, when a smaller creature lives off the resources of a bigger creature, the bigger creature is known as a “host”. In the same way, your smaller website is hosted by a bigger parent site that provides you will all of the tools and information that you need to continue. It’s cheap and easy.

A domain name is the first and most important part of the set-up of a website. It identifies your business title, just as a physical business might be called “Tim’s Diner”. Yours should short and witty, easy to remember and not very long. Remember that as strange as it seems, people won’t want to type in a long name in a search box.

Your domain name belongs to you. It is yours, you own it, and you can do whatever you want with it for a long as you want. However, this only last as long as you pay for it, at which point it can revert back to someone else who wants to purchase the same name. It’s important to pay for it at least six months and then extend the payment if everything is working for you. Don’t let it expire on you! It’s the most important part of your entire website.

By extension, your URL should match whatever your domain name is. For example, “Sam’s Blog Tips” should be “”. Sometimes you may have to insert a number in the URL if that exact name isn’t available, like “”. But as far as Search Engine Optimization goes, you want the domain and URL to match exactly if you can. This makes you show up even higher on the search results list which means people will be more likely to click on it.

When you search the internet, you probably insert “” after every website. This is literally an internet address, a street name endowed to a virtual street. “” is the most popular and therefore usually the least available. Purchase it if you can but if it’s not available, go for the second most popular which is “. Net”. It’s really a matter what you’re willing to pay for and just a little extra money can get you so much more.

Along with all this, you’ll also get a personal business email and automatic site security protection. This should keep walls up against scammers who would otherwise infiltrate comments sections or spyware that might be installed within the email. It costs a little bit extra but you should remember that it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

GoDaddy Hosting is cheap and easy. The best part about this web hosting is that you don’t have to worry about lots of technical stuff, because it’s already done for you, and it continues to do it month after month. Get your online business going today!

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