How To Learn English – A Brief Guide

by erin on December 23, 2010

English is a universal language. It allows better communication amongst nation thus considering an important skill to learn. Admittedly language barriers have commonly resulted to misunderstanding and conflict making it impossible to resolve issues and concerns. The need to speak english online has become more in demand today. Frankly a bankable career awaits those who master the skill.

Literally the language has dominated the world. English became a second language to most foreigners. Its function has become highly important to promote self- growth and confidence. Those who fluently speak the language ends up having a better career and a finer social life thus they are able to face any situation without hesitation or inhibitions.

English is more than a theory. Constructing a sentence in this language requires more than its rules. We can all argue about the basics but it does not help for us to put it in use. It would be best to constantly practice it. Read, write and speak the language frequently as possible to enhance your capability to use it. There is one basic law in the English language: if it does not sound right, it must be wrong.

Having a native speaker around is helpful in learning the language more. However if one is unavailable it would be best to constantly watch and listen to English programs. Studies show that visual and audio media is the best tool to use in learning it. People tend to mimic what they see and hear thus making use of any available materials can greatly aide in our attempt.

Have the habit to read English only materials. Constantly bring along a dictionary for those difficult words. This would not only broaden your vocabulary, it would also allow you to understand how to use the word. Make sure that you can learn at least one English word a day and use it in a sentence.

The internet is your best friend. See videos from experts on how one can pronounce a word. Although some videos are being sold there are a few website that can help you get started. Also one can take advantage of the free tests and practices to gage your skills. This will allow you to see whether you have improved or would need a tutor for the job.

Confidently use it in public. People can laugh out loud and may hurt you sometimes but if you are not going to help yourself no one will. Others may not see its benefits but allowing them to make you inferior would just be ridiculous. People who have a goal must be focused despite the hurdles. If others would not see it your way, look for a mirror or a recorder to help you see and hear yourself.

Language training can be frustrating. We would all want to learn it in the least possible time. However be reminded that the Grand Canyon was not built overnight, so does mastering English. Be patient and open-minded. Listen to criticism. Treat it as a learning block. Do not be discouraged when ridiculed. If they laugh, ignore. Continue your studies. No one can really say you fail unless you try.

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