Sri Lanka – Among The Most Exotic Of Destinations

by erin on May 2, 2011

When you think about people who like to travel, one can generally separate them into two different types. There are those that like to travel, but generally visit places that aren’t too radically different. Then there are those who do the opposite and look for the most exotic place with the most different culture possible. If you are in the second group, consider traveling to Sri Lanka, a place on the other side of the world that feels like it’s on the other side of the world. This makes it a great place for an interesting vacation. In order to travel there, you will have to get a US passport forms.

Application Process

You’re not alone in hating the passport application process. However, in recent history, the emergence of passport expediting websites have taken the giant task of getting a passport and made it easy and stress-free online. This means no more waiting at a passport agency or post office. All it takes is one afternoon of sitting down in front of your computer, filling out a passport renewal application form or whatever else you need, and then submitting it. It’s remarkably easy.

Distinct Culture

Many people aren’t sure where Sri Lanka is. Sri Lanka is located off the coast of southern India. Even though it’s close to India, it has its own distinct culture. The history is expansive to say the least. Sri Lanka has continuous recorded history for approximately 2500 years, and during those years it has undergone many changes. Well-known for its stunning beaches and unique culture, Sri Lanka has been fascinating people for a very long time.

Cultural Heritage

An interesting way to spend your time in Sri Lanka is by investigating and discovering its cultural heritage. Galle is a good place to start. The city is so interesting and so chock-full of historical landmarks that it’s easy to do your own kind of self-guided tour. There are a lot of good places from where you can get a spectacular view of the city and the surrounding turquoise blue water. Definitely check out the Old Gate, it is very historically significant because it shows evidence of when Sri Lanka was still ruled by the British.

Natural Experience

Definitely try to get out and experience some of the natural setting of Sri Lanka. After all, it’s located in the Indian Ocean, not far from the Maldives, and the water is absolutely gorgeous. This means swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, surfing, and other water sports are made even more fun. A great beach can be found at the southern end of the island at Mirissa. Don’t miss out on meeting some of the animals. There are a bunch of nature tours available that make doing this easy. One of the best things to do is the Elephant Orphanage, where you can pay a very inexpensive entrance fee to meet the elephants, and another additional fee if you’d like to ride on one’s back.

Amazing Vacation

The people and places of Sri Lanka have so much to offer, and you will never find yourself bored or without something to do. If you are looking for a place that offers a little more than a standard vacation, look into Sri Lanka. However, traveling outside US borders requires that you get a US passport. The process is infinitely easier if you go online to do it. You can do things like access and fill out a online passport renewal application form or any other sort of application.

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