The Sights And Sounds Of St. Petersburg

by erin on October 11, 2010

Palace Square

The country of Russia is perhaps one of the most diverse in terms of terrain that you can ever find. There are areas of tundra as well as places abounding in rich, lush landscape. An example of this is St. Petersburg. This is a beautiful city with a blend of Russian culture and current technology and it is located in the heart of a very harsh environment. Second only to Moscow in size, St. Petersburg is certainly one of the jewels of Russia but you can only travel there if you have a passport. Getting one has been revolutionized by passport websites and filling out a USA passport application form has never been easier.

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A large part of Russian culture is embedded in love of the arts. This is made obvious if you consider the number of Russian composers, artists and authors. This also comes as no surprise if you have ever enjoyed the world famous Russian Ballet Company. This artistic love is quite evident in St. Petersburg as there are over fifty theatres in this beautiful city including the Mariinsky Theatre. Home of the world famous Mariinsky Ballet Company, this city is known for some of the best known ballet stars of the entire world.

Winter Palace is certainly one of the most popular and visited sites in St. Petersburg. It is the home of the Hermitage Museum and you will find it located in Palace Square. Exhibited here are over 3 million pieces of world famous art including pieces by Ruebens, Michelangelo and Da Vinci.

Located in the center of harsh wasteland, it is surprising to find beautiful, lush gardens within the boundaries of St. Petersburg but, nevertheless, that is exactly what you will find. Summer Gardens is one of the favorites and here you will be able to enjoy tree lined walkways, streams and ponds as well as an array of foliage and flowers. It makes a perfect conclusion to a busy day of sightseeing.

Vasilievsky Island is a great place to spend a day, as many popular sites can be found here. Andreyevsky Cathedral displays stunning architecture and an imposing stature. Considered one of the most beautiful religious buildings on the island, it serves as a beautiful example of Russian art and architecture. Kunstkamera, translated as the Room of Curiosities, is the Russian equivalent to Ripley’s Believe It Or Not. All sorts of strange and deformed artifacts from all over the world can be found in this museum. Other sites to see on the island are the ancient Theban Sphinxes, the Rostral Columns, Rumyantsevsky Park and its Obelisk, and the Menshikov Palace.

There is so much to see in St. Petersburg that we can only scratch the surface here but you can only enjoy this beautiful city if you have a passport. Go online and access a passport website to download a USA passport application form and you will be able to get your quick U.S. passport with complete security and efficiency. Don’t miss the opportunity to travel. Get that passport in your hand and you will be prepared to see the world.

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