Steps For The First Timer In Obtaining A Passport

by erin on July 27, 2011

One of the most important personal papers individuals could ever own is a passport. These documents allow anyone to set foot in other countries. Travelling is one of the dreams of many people. Because all U. S. Citizens are allowed to have this document it would be good to find out how to apply for one. This short article is all about the steps of fulfilling a dream by telling new applicants how obtaining a passport is done.

Required Information

The basis for establishing citizenship is a birth certificate. All first time applicants must have a copy of this document. The names of both the applicant’s parents should be printed on the paper. Other required information includes the full name of the applicant as well as his birth date and place of birth. To establish that the certificate is genuine there must be a dry seal of the issuing office stamped on the paper.

Travel Abroad

All citizens regardless of age are allowed to get a passport. For those who are still children, they have to be accompanied by their parents when they are applying for passports. Those from 15 to 16 years old may apply on their own but they must be able to show parental consent to travel abroad.

Application Form

When the birth certificate has been prepared, the next step is to secure a copy of the passport application form. Form DS-11 is available in your public library or in your post office. If you don’t know where these offices are found, you can download the document from the web site of the Department of State. Married female applicants must include their marriage certificates to support their change of name. Another requirement to prepare is an appropriately sized picture that will become a part of your travel document.

Personal Documents

Everyone who has personal documents ready has to make a personal appearance at their passport acceptance center. All applicants will be interviewed and their papers will be inspected. When everything is satisfactory the applicants will be told to pay the application fee.

Departure Date

It takes time to apply for a passport. To avoid waiting, everyone must already apply the soonest time possible, even if there is no real reason to travel. Those who finally apply because they have their tickets already will soon worry if their application will finish before the date of departure. By applying early, the seasonal rush for passports will be avoided. The rush usually happens before the long holidays and school breaks.

Two Types

Applications for passports are of two types. The regular application takes four to six weeks to complete. The expedited application takes only three weeks or less to finish. It is already obvious that a regular application is cheaper than the other one.

Gain Experiences

Everyone who has their passport can convincingly say that they are freer than others. The reason is that they are allowed to go from one country to another with their urgent American passport. Those who have travelled gain experiences that make them better and wiser persons. So if you want to be like them, why not start obtaining a passport now.

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