Steps to Take to Quit Drinking

by AdamS on July 2, 2012

Alcohol abuse and addiction is a very prevalent problem in the United States.  Many individuals develop some sort of dependency on the substance at a very young age and never realize they have a problem. One of the bigger problems associated with alcohol abuse is that drinking is so widely accepted and promoted publicly, yet there are very few campaigns warning of the dangers of drinking.  Alcohol is an addicting chemical and can cause a lot of problems for those who abuse it.  There are some steps a person can take to get control of their bad drinking habits before they end up needing alcohol treatment at alcohol addiction treatment centers in the United States.  Check out for the best alcohol treatment to help your loved ones.

Tracking Alcohol Intake

One problem a lot of people encounter when they drink is that they don’t know how much they are actually consuming until it’s too late.  A good way for a person to tell if they have a problem is to keep a journal where they track and account for all the drinks they have during the week.  That way, when they look back at the end of the week, they can see where they probably drank an unhealthy amount and start seeing the problem on paper.   Once a person becomes accountable for their drinking, they are more likely to adjust their habits.

Committing to Cutting Back or Quitting

While the best way to get over alcohol addiction is to quit all together, most people will see health improvements from merely cutting back on the amount they drink.  A good method of cutting back is for the addict to pick only a few days out of the week to drink and commit to drinking only on those days.  The commitment can be tough for some, but it is definitely a useful tactic to at least cut back on the amount of time a person spends drinking.

Setting Limitations

It is also a good practice for a person to set limits on the amount they drink in any one sitting.  Setting a personal limitation is a good way for a person to police themselves and stay in control of their habit.  The person also has to commit to the limitations they set for themselves, even adhering to their own rules on special occasions like birthdays or holidays.  By being consistent a person can stay in complete control of their drinking habit.

Self-Treatment May Not Be Enough

Some people have an easier time policing and correcting themselves on their own than others.  Following the outlined steps to quitting or at least cutting back significantly may not be enough for someone who has become dependent on alcohol.  Those who have an addiction to alcohol will need to get professional help to detox and go through rehab.

Many addiction treatment centers in America offer plans for alcohol treatment for people suffering from alcohol addiction.  These centers can help the affected individuals go through detox and learn how to stay away from the temptation to drink.  If you know someone who needs help getting over their alcohol addiction, please suggest these steps.  Go to for addiction treatment information.

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