Still Need A Passport? Look Into Passport Day

by erin on April 15, 2011

All of us almost didn’t get to have Passport Day this year. With the recent issue concerning government budget, Passport Day, which had been scheduled to take place on April 9th, was almost canceled. Graciously, Passport Day still went on and people around the United States headed out to learn about passports and to apply for their own passport. With the threat of a government shut-down weighing down on all governmental components, it was surprising to hear that a last-second decision was made that decided Passport Day would still go on, and people were able to get their passport renewal and passport expediting done that day.

Passport Day

Never heard of Passport Day? Passport Day is an annual event held for the people of the United States. On this day, they can come in and learn a little bit about passports, such as asking questions, getting their first passport if they’ve never applied for or received one before, and much more. At these events, recent events are shared concerning updates with the laws and policies surrounding passports, changes in the application process, and how to get a passport. The event took place in State Department Passport Agencies and other passport acceptance facilities all over the country.

Employee Advice

On Passport Day only, no appointment was necessary in order to see an employee and apply for a passport. People didn’t have to schedule around work or anything; they could simply come in when they wanted to. Another perk of Passport Day is the passport expediting fees were totally waved, but for April 9th only. A passport application form for replacement for damaged passports or missing passports are also available to be filled out, and other services – applications for passport name changes and additional passport pages – were also available as well.

Passport Services

If there is any sort of passport business you need to have addressed, Passport Day is certainly the best day to do it. However, because of all the confusion, many people missed out. If you happen to have missed it this year, there’s no need to worry. Passport services are available 24/7 online from websites like One is able to log on to these sites whenever he or she feels like it to get a passport, get a passport renewal, passport replacement, among a myriad of other services. Passport expediting is a specialty of this website, meaning you can get your passport within days.

Passport Agency

Don’t worry if you missed out on Passport Day this year, because there will be one next year. If you go to, you can find out which passport agency is closest to you so you know where to go. It’s very convenient to be able to simply walk in and have someone help you get passports for your entire family. Passport Day is a great time to prepare yourself and your family if you plan on taking any trips in the coming year, or even if you have to travel some place for an emergency.

Online Services

If you are worrying about waiting that long to get a passport, you don’t need to stress. Remember that online passport services are available also. These websites can address all different types of passport issues, from replacement passports to a passport renewal. These services are conveniently available online 24/7. Even better, you can have a passport application form submitted the very same day that sit you down to fill one out.

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