Stockholm – A Refreshing Change To City Vacations

by erin on August 2, 2011

Stockholm is one of those cities that honestly has no match. With a reputation for plenteous green areas, imposing yet beautiful Scandanavian architecture, bright and colorful buildings, and diverse population, Stockholm is a city that attracts people from all over the world. Spread out over 18 islands, it’s a top-notch city to explore. If you are intending to travel here anytime soon, remember to get passports for the children as well as the adults. Expedited child passport service makes it easy to have everyone ready for the trip.

Passport Lacking

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Nature Incorporation

Stockholm is well known for its incorporation of nature into the city, as well as for having some of the cleanest air in Europe. Not only is 30% of the city comprised of the waterways running between the islands, but an additional 30% is parks and other green areas. A day in the city will never be ruined by pollution, and a bird’s eye view of the city will never be distorted by smog. Because of this, walking and biking are two excellent ways to explore Stockholm. A great place to visit and experience the outdoors is Millesgarden, a combination art gallery, antique museum, and statue garden.

Historic District

Gamla Stan is the Old Town or historical district of Stockholm, and it is where you’ll find several of the most important landmarks and buildings. For instance, the Royal Palace is located in Gamla Stan. This palace is famous for its posh and ultra-luxurious royal apartments and the priceless treasures of the Treasury. Along the cobblestone streets, there is a lot of cute cafes in which to grab a bite to eat, as well as stores to do some shopping in. Beautiful churches and museums covering a spectrum of different subjects are also found in Gamla Stan.

Town Replica

If you are interested in seeing more of the history of Stockholm, head to the Skansen Open-Air Museum, the first of its kind in the world. Visiting Skansen is like going back in time for a day, as it’s a complete full-scale replica of a 19th century Swedish town. Actors dressed in clothing from the time walk around, recreating daily life. Be sure to also see the zoo. Some of Scandinavia’s most well-known residents – like the lynx and the bear – can be seen here.

Palace And Court

Drottningholm Palace and Court Theater makes for a great excuse to enjoy the fresh air. This 18th century palace is an official UNESCO World Heritage Site. While the palace itself is capable of taking a person’s breath away, the surrounding gardens are just as beautiful, perfect for rejuvenating a worn and weary visitor. If you have time, take one of the tours.

Beautiful City

If you are looking for a vacation in which you can explore a beautiful city and discover all its secrets while experiencing the fresh air, consider traveling to Stockholm. Remember to get passports for both adults and children, though. With the help of expedited child passport delivery, it becomes easy. While you’re there, you can also get other services, like lost passport replacement.

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