Basic Strategies To Learn Russian

by erin on December 28, 2010

Learning a new language is always challenging, but it is possible to succeed with a little hard work. If you apply yourself and use a few creative tricks, you can learn Russian in practically no time at all. Here are a few strategies to help you in your quest to learn Russian.

To begin, you need to find a way to get a basic knowledge of the Russian alphabet. You could enroll in a college course or find a tutor to help you. Some people like to take foreign language lessons on the internet or through software programs. You need help getting the basic knowledge in the beginning of learning a language. The valuable help will be worth any expense in giving you a good foundation in the language.

Once you start learning the alphabet and a few simple words and phrases, you can start combining these to learn more conversational skills. Consider purchasing a Russian to English dictionary for quick translations when you get stuck.

You could also make flashcards to carry around. On one side of the cards, print common Russian words and phrases and translate them to English on the back. Then you can quiz yourself anytime you have a few free minutes. This repetition can really help you become successful in learning a new language that is very unfamiliar in the beginning.

Another good idea is to use the internet in your quest to learn. You can access Russian websites or blogs as well as various periodicals. Even if you are not fluent in Russian, you could try reading a newspaper from Russia on the internet. See if you can identify any of the words and phrases you know. Eventually, you will be able to read the whole thing.

Find a friend who is also interested in studying Russian and work together to learn. Set apart some special times each week to practice speaking Russian to each other. You can read books together in Russian or listen to books on tape. It helps hearing and speaking Russian face to face if you want to truly learn to be fluent.

Of course, the most obvious way to learn the language is to spend some time in the country. You could take an extended vacation to Russia if you have the finances to do that. If you cannot afford to just go to Russia for awhile, maybe you could bring a little bit of Russia home to you.

Perhaps you could open your home to a Russian exchange student. Most high schools host exchange students each year and they are always looking for families who are willing to be hosts. You could ask the Russian student to help you learn to speak the language.

No matter if you choose to study Russian on your own or take language courses, you can learn through continual repetition and practice. Make sure you are reading Russian and speaking it on a regular basis. You can learn Russian with a little hard work and patience. Do not give up and you will soon be able to carry on a regular conversation easily.

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