Submit Your Passport Application With All Of The Relevant Documentation

by erin on May 11, 2011

Form DS-11 is only one of the several documents that are needed when you submit your passport application. This form is required for most requests, particularly if you have never received travel documents. If you have not had one issued in the past 15 years, you should also use this document.

Download Application

Download a copy of the application, DS-11, from the Internet or get a copy from a local facility or agency. The application packet cannot be mailed in because you must sign it in front of officials. It will be invalidated if you sign it at home.

Passport Agency

A passport agency or acceptance facility can accept your application and witness signatures. The facilities include county clerks, post offices and libraries. Check in your area to confirm where the nearest facility is located. Agencies include the field offices that are allowed to accept, witness and process applications. They are in designated cities with high populations.

Expediting Companies

Expediting companies are licensed to accept and process your application as well as to hand-deliver it to the local Agency for same-day processing. The number of applications that can be processed in this way is limited so it may take longer than one day to complete. There is a cost associated with expediting companies. Make sure to confirm the cost, since same-day service can be quite expensive.


The most important proof that you need to provide is your primary evidence of U. S. citizenship. Submit an old passport or a certified birth certificate. If the birth certificate is used, make sure it contains the names of both of your parents. There are other documents that can provide the necessary information, including a certificate of citizenship. Check online or with local offices for more options. You will get your original proof documents back when your passport is sent to you, although it may come under separate cover.

Identification Documents

Present identification is required to prove your identity when signing documents. There are several options that will satisfy this need, including an expired passport, a valid driver’s license or military identification card. You will not be required to surrender a present identification information but do need to provide a photocopy of both sides. It must be on plain white paper.

Out Of State

If you will be submitting an out of state driver’s license or other form of primary identification, a secondary identification must be provided. It needs to include the issuance date, date of birth, name and a your photograph. This, too, must have both sides copied on plain white paper.


When disabled people need to obtain a travel document, they can assign a caregiver to complete the transaction for them. Specific forms are required and the disabled person’s signature must be witnessed. If the caregiver is signing for the disabled person, another form is required. In each case, acceptable identification must be provided by the caregiver and photocopied for inclusion in the packet of information.

Photo Requirements

Include a two-inch by two-inch photograph of the applicant, in color, when submitting the passport application for a replacement passport. Since it will be used to create the document, the photograph should not be attached in any way. There are several specific requirements for the photograph and they all need to be followed. Check to make sure yours meets the rules. When all of the documentation has been signed and submitted, the fees associated with the travel document must be paid.

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