Summer is Time for Underage Drinking

by AdamS on July 19, 2012

No time is more fun for most teenagers than summer vacation.  It’s a time of almost zero responsibility for most and it can lead to some very dangerous habits.  More teens start drinking alcohol during the months of June and July than any other months. This is due to having less school work and more time to be at home while their parents are out working. Starting to drink at such a young age can lead to alcohol addiction as adults.  This lifestyle can be very detrimental and might need to be corrected at an inpatient alcohol treatment center.  Check out to find help for your loved ones.

Alcohol Addiction

While a lot of people downplay the seriousness of alcohol addiction, the fact remains that alcohol is a very dangerous substance when it is abused.  According to results posted following the National Epidemiologic Survey on Alcohol and Related Conditions in 2007, over 12% of Americans have or have had an alcohol dependence problem at some point in their lives.  That is a very alarming statistic and should not be overlooked.

Starting at a Young Age

Alcohol has always been one of the easiest substances to buy or find, even for people under the legal age limit.  Whether it be by taking it from their parents liquor cabinet, using a fake id, or simply asking someone of legal age to buy it for them, teens can get their hands on alcohol almost effortlessly.  During the summer, teens have a lot of idle time to start experimenting with new things.   The problem is they don’t understand the dangers of abusing alcohol.

Dangers of Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol is deceptively dangerous due to its ability to inhibit decision making.  Alcohol impairs judgment in such a way that it makes the people consuming it feel happy and carefree.  It can also have the opposite effect, where the user becomes anti-social and depressed.  The most dangerous fact about alcohol is that it enhances the effects of other drugs.  Even if a person is just taking Tylenol for a headache and then drinks excessively, they can damage themselves permanently.  More deaths per year can be attributed to alcohol than any other substance.

Alcohol as a Crutch


Many people suffering from alcohol addiction are too stubborn to admit that they have a problem.  To most it is just something they feel they do recreationally, however many times they are just using alcohol as a crutch to deal with a deeper problem.  This sort of behavior can lead to a very negative downward spiral if it is left untreated.

Alcohol addiction is a very serious issue and should be treated as such.  When teens and young adults start abusing alcohol at a very young age, they quickly become dependent on it and it can impede their lives forever.  One way to treat alcohol addiction is to check into an inpatient alcohol treatment center and get help.   It is important to keep an eye on the activities of your teen and make sure they are spending their time productively, rather than drinking all day during their summer vacation. Check out for more information on alcohol addiction.

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