The Features That Make Sydney The Ultimate Australian Travel Destination

by erin on October 14, 2010

If you are looking for a vacation destination that will offer you a variety of activities, consider Sydney, Australia. Sydney is the largest and oldest city in Australia so the sits and sounds to be found here will be no surprise. Opportunities to interact with wildlife, beautiful beaches, performing arts and warm, friendly residents all await you in Sydney but you will need a passport to travel here. Even if you need a express new passport service, by accessing an online passport company, you will have your travel document is a little as 24 hours.

Getting a passport used to be a scary process. Long lines and confusing requirements made it very difficult to navigate but online passport sites have made the whole process easy and secure. You can’t enjoy international travel without a passport so even if you need USA passport pages, you can get what you need from the convenience of your own computer.

Sydney is divided into several districts. Depending on what sort of city experience you’re seeking, you should spend most of your time in the ones that better suit your preferences. For example, if you want to experience famous attractions and great shopping, you would look to spend a lot of your time in the City Centre district. The Rocks district is a more colonial and historical side of Sydney. Darling Harbor is the district for entertainment, aquariums, and museums. Be sure to do a little research before you leave to decide what’s best for you.

When people think of Sydney, the first thing the usually think about is the Sydney Opera House. While this is certainly a must see attraction, there are many other places of interest. The Sydney Tower provides a spectacular view of the city and the famous Harbor Bridge showcases the beautiful waterways. The Olympic Park is also a point of interest.

A focal point of this fascinating country is their wildlife and plant life. If you are deeply interest in wildlife, be sure to visit the Terango Zoo which is one of the world’s favorite zoos and the Koala Park Sanctuary provides an opportunity to experience the Koala Bear, Australia’s mascot and loved by many locals and visitors alike. The ocean life can be viewed by visiting the Sydney Aquarium and another place to see unique animals is the Sydney Wildlife World which can be found in the Darling Harbor district. A visit to the Royal National Park will treat you to an experience with kangaroos and wallabies and a beachside stroll could treat you to a great session of whale watching.

Sydney was established by the English back in 1788 but the original residents, the Aborigines, have populated this area for over 30,000 years. While the country is certainly modernized for the most part, the outback still teams with Aborigine culture. A short distance outside the city you will find the Royal National Park and the Kuringai National Park where world famous Rock Art can been seen.

Sydney is a huge city with a lot to experience. Of course you want to experience as much as possible, so plan out the things you’d really like to do and be sure to leave plenty of time for impromptu plans. Also, don’t forget your passport. And rush passport service is available online 24/7, providing you with service to get additional United States passport pages, passport replacements, or any other passport-related need you might have.

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