Sydney – Iconic Buildings And Gorgeous Beaches

by erin on July 2, 2011

As the oldest city in Australia, Sydney is as interesting as they come. Sydney is a hotspot for culture, art, fashion, food, history, and more, and it’s well known for it’s stunning natural surroundings located just outside the city as well, especially the breathtaking beaches. These beaches, along with the lively and fascinating city, combine to create an unforgettable vacation experience. You just need to get your passport first, so start by filling out a United States passport application form.

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Iconic Imagery

It can be difficult to choose where to start while you’re in Sydney. If you’re stuck, head to Sydney Harbor because it’s full of iconic Australian imagery and interesting landmarks. A great way to see them all is on a ferry or even a harbor cruise. Once you see the Sydney Opera House, you will instantly recognize it. The Opera House is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. While you’re in the harbor, take a tour of the Opera House, and if you can, try to attend one of the shows. If you are looking to do a little shopping, head to the Strand Arcade which features plenty of stores and beautiful Victorian architecture. Also swing by the Queen Victoria Building, and head to the top of Sydney Tower – the tallest in Sydney – for some great views. The Royal Botanical Gardens is a great pit-stop if you need to get away from the hectic harbor for a little.

The Rocks

While you’re in Sydney, be sure to visit The Rocks, another area with a lot to offer. While the harbor is more modern, The Rocks is more historic and has historic landmarks like Cadman’s Cottage, a little sandstone cottage built in 1815 that has served a variety of important uses ever since. This is also where you’ll find gorgeous views of the Harbor on Sydney Bridge. These views are consider some of the most beautiful in the world. If you are feeling brave, you can even climb the bridge pylon or the arch for even more amazing views.

Famous Beaches

You definitely cannot miss out on Sydney’s famous beaches. Coogee Beach is one of the most beautiful beach areas around, and it’s a great place to spend a day thanks to the pretty beaches, quiet parks, and variety of shopping and eating opportunities around. Be sure to check out the historic swimming baths, which are basically walled-off sections of oceans where people can swim. Wylie’s Bath is one of the best.

Oldest City

As you might imagine, there is so much to do and experience in Sydney, partially thanks to its status as the oldest city in Australia. Do a quick search to help you decide on the best itinerary possible, and don’t forget to fill out your United States passport application form while you’re online. With such quick delivery, emergency passport renewal and more is a breeze.

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