Tahiti – A Jewel Of The French Polynesian Archipelago

by erin on July 8, 2010

Tahiti has earned the reputation of being one of the most beautiful island paradises on the face of the earth. Located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, its beauty is seen both under the water and on land can boast that it is one of the most sought vacation locations in the world. But traveling to Tahiti requires a passport so if you are in need of expedited American passport renewal services, simply go to your computer and locate one of the secure, efficient passport renewal websites.

Tahiti is located in a group of islands called French Polynesia and is, in fact, the largest of this particular group. French is the main language spoken in Tahiti but many of the native residents speak in the Tahitian dialect. With plenty of nonstop flights from California and Hawaii available, getting to Tahiti is easy but if you are the owner of a lost United States passport, be sure to report it immediately and get a new one as a passport is required for travel to Tahiti. There are no other visas, vaccinations or certifications required but it is imperative that you have a passport.

The snorkeling and diving scene in Tahiti is one of the things that make it so special. Some popular diving sites are the St. Etienne Drop-Off, Tetopa Grotto, and one spot called “Papa Whisky.” Shipwrecks, caves, and diverse underwater landscapes make diving in Tahiti a very special sort of experience. The black sand beaches are a signature sight of Tahiti. The main island is made up of two volcanic mountains. Nature hikes are also a great way to become acquainted with the Tahitian landscape. Misty mountain paths and whispering jungles wait to be explored.

There are some activities available to the visitor in Tahiti that are uniquely Tahitian. The traveler can assist a professional shark feeder by wading into four to seven feet of crystal blue water and feeding shark as they swim by. Glass-floored cottages suspended directly over the water treat the vacationer to a view of sea life that is not available anywhere else in the world. The color variety found in the sea life and coral configurations create a visual treat not easily matched. You don’t want to forget to look for the beautiful Tahitian black pearl while visiting the beautiful, incredibly clean black beaches but remember, all the pearls aren’t black. A multitude of colors can be found and enjoyed and treasured forever. One more item of interest is the mysterious Easter Island. No trip to Tahiti is complete without a visit there.

The Tahitian culture is rich and mysterious but saturated with their famous otea dance. This traditional Tahitian entertainment involves the use of grass skirts and a lot of hip action closely resembling the Hawaiian hula. The difference is that the Tahitian otea is done at a much faster pace and movement is almost entirely focused on the hips. Woodwork, woven pieces and quilts are some of the most sought after Tahitian crafts and can be found in many of the vacationers’ suitcases when they arrive back home.

If beautiful beaches, crystal blue waters and breathtaking scenery create an irresistible lure for you, replace your lost USA passport by contacting an online expedited USA Passport renewal service because that is the only official document you will need to visit Tahiti. Go west, adventure seeker, beyond California to the middle of the Pacific Ocean and discover the island paradise called Tahiti. You will be so glad you did.

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