Take Care Of Your Office Printing Needs With A Lexmark Optra E332 Printer

by erin on March 8, 2010

There are things people use every day in the workplace that are easily taken for granted. People make phone calls, make copies, write e-mails, and send faxes throughout the day as a matter of course. When the printer breaks down or the computer malfunctions, people become acutely aware of how important printers are. The Lexmark Optra E332 Printer and accompanying Lexmark Optra E332 Toner Cartridge are dependable resources for office printing jobs.

Printers often seem to break down at the most inopportune times, especially when there is a pressing printing job at stake. These are times when businesses need a printer they can really count on to get the job done. This laser printer produces high-quality documents with a professional look and a fine finish. Business letters, labels, and brochures will come out of the printer looking like they were done at the printer’s office.

The machine does not take up a lot of space and is not very heavy, but it accomplishes big print jobs when they are needed. It churns out 26 pages per minute of quality documents for speedy delivery to the intended recipient. All businesses know that “time is money,” so good printers, like the Lexmark Optra E332, help office workers to do a lot in a small amount of time.

A 200MHz processor with 32 MG of ram space supports the Optra E332 printer. Businesses can use the printer to accommodate big projects, such as mass mailings and laser printed labels. The system can handle a maximum of 160 MG of ram space so businesses can maximize their printer use.

The Optra E332 has many attractive features, including ways to adjust the printer resolution settings to get the optimal finished product. The printer can also be used to handle a wide range of paper, such as card stock, labels, and envelopes. Workers can distribute business correspondence with confidence, knowing that they have a crisp appearance.

The 1200×1200 resolution gives the laser printer documents a sharp, enhanced look. Although the printer is black and white, the color looks crisp and precise on the printed page. Office production can run smoothly with a quality printer that functions on a high level and produces copies that are high quality and reliable.

The toner is just as great because it enables the printer to have such a high quality output. The toner cartridge is comes with two pieces and helps to keep the printer running smoothly and effectively to handle any office printing needs. The Optra E332 printer and toner work in-sync to produce good quality copies for the workplace.

Businesses that use the Lexmark Optra E332 printer will be satisfied with their print jobs for a long time. The machine has been durable and dependable since it has been on the market. The Lexmark Optra E332 Toner Cartridge can handle 6,000 pages, so this cost effective printer and toner cartridge combination is worth keeping! Lexmark toner will not disappoint any business.

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