Technicalities Of The HP LaserJet 8100n Printer

by garrett on January 27, 2010

Focusing on network efficiency and speed, the HP LaserJet 8100n printer using HP LaserJet 8100n toner serves many purposes. This model may have a use at home, but that is not what it was designed for. It has a better fit inside an office with a moderate to large network of workstations. The information that follows will explain the specifications of this machine to help you decide if this printer will meet the needs of your office.

This printer comes with a 133 MHz MIPS microprocessor paired with 16 MB SDRAM of internal memory. It is able to be expanded to 192 MB if you desire a stronger performance even though this really may not be necessary. At standard factory settings, this printer can produce up to thirty two printed pages per minute with a resolution of 1,200 dpi. This machine has been built to be durable as it is able to handle 150,000 printed pages per month.

The 8100n is a very versatile machine that is able to print on various printing media. It has a multipurpose tray that can handle standard paper, transparencies, labels, envelopes, and other miscellaneous media. There are two other trays with a special feature where they will adjust to the media that you load for printing. There is an additional attachment that will allow duplex printing and loading at a high capacity.

This machine stands at 21.3″ tall, 22.3″ wide, and 20.5″ across making it a rather large printer. If you can even manage to place it on a desk it will take up a large amount of space and with it weighing in at 112 pounds, most people are not able to move it to a new area easily. The most ideal placement of the 8100n would for it be mounted on a low table. It can even stand on its own in an open area since it is designed for high traffic and will likely be used by more than one person at a time.

The 8100n has a large selection of options for connectivity. It has three EIO slots, a parallel port, integrated HP Fast InfraRed Connect, and the HP Jetdirect 600N print server. HP even offers the services of Optional HP Jetdirect, Ethernet orFast Ethernet, Token Ring, and LocalTalk. If you need more choices they can be added by compatible EIO devices.

Several useful accessories are included with the retail purchase of the 8100n. In the box, all necessary power cables, a 20,000 page toner cartridge, two loading trays that can hold up to 500 sheets, and a 100 sheet multipurpose tray are included. You will also find a User’s Guide along with software and installation tools on a CD-ROM. If, by chance, you are not using a Windows operating system, then the right software can be requested to be included.

Considering what this printer is capable of, the retail price is quite affordable at $230 brand new. If this seems a bit too high, a refurbished model can be found for up to 30% less. This printer uses EconoMode printing which allows for power and toner conservation. The 8100n is affordable right at the get go and through the life of the machine.

This machine can be used at home, but that is not what it has been designed for. The HP LaserJet 8100n may not even be suitable for home offices that have a low printing volume. But, if you are an office that has a need of great networking capabilities and quality printing with an affordable sticker price, then this machine bears some consideration.

Fortunately, that affordability will continue throughout the life of the printer when it comes to the HP LaserJet 8100n toner.  Several online vendors carry HP toner and at such competitive prices you won’t ever consider ordering toner anywhere else.

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