The Advantages Of HP LaserJet 2430 Printer

by erin on January 26, 2010

A computer is almost as common as a television these days, and nearly so is the printer.  The HP LaserJet 2430 printer is essentially a work group printer costing about $800 a unit. It is a monochrome printer using HP LaserJet 2430 toner.

The most obvious advantage in owning a monochrome printer is the savings in ink. The printer may be an investment, but is a one-time investment; unlike the ink, which is a recurring cost. With a monochrome printer, you can print up to several times more than a color printer. This not only means a savings in cost, but a great convenience as well.

This printer is very suitable where more than one computer is using it. Of course, large organizations will do very well with a printer of this capacity. The quality is better than other printers of a lower capacity.

The quality in terms of output is also one of high value. The output refers to the excellence of the print-outs. You can expect a higher resolution. The printing happens efficiently as the level of noise is low, not to mention that the printing speed is high.

As long as there is no need for color printing, this printer is an excellent choice for office use. However, occasionally, color printing may be desirable and in such a case, you may want to consider separately purchasing a color printer. After all, many computers are connected to the printers and therefore their usage is maximized. You do not have to worry about waste in the form of extravagance.

The price is not really as costly as other monochrome printers, even those of the same brand. Given the quality you will obtain, this is a rather reasonable deal. When it comes to printers, HP has always been a trusted brand and therefore preferred, even in cases where some brands with nearly similar functions are priced a little lower.

If you value efficiency above all else, this printer is the way to go. Print as often and as much as necessary in each session. You can trust this printer to give you exactly what you want. No more slightly blurry quality or the like because all the print-outs are sharp and clear, giving off the effect of crispness.

Make use of the many functions that come with the printer. For example, allow your printing jobs to queue and then print automatically. Yes, this is a simple machine which means that automation is available for you. Free up your time and attention to concentrate on other work aspects.

Want to save even more toner? Set your printing to ‘draft’ quality. If this is your preferred option for most of your printing jobs, pre-select this option as the default so that you do not have to make this adjustment prior to every printing job. Ensure that you explore all the tools at your disposal so that you automate your tasks as much as is possible. HP LaserJet 2430 printer is definitely an excellent choice for a business where many computers are sharing it.

Draft quality certainly doesn’t mean less quality when it comes to HP LaserJet 2430 toner.  All HP toner performs at such a level that lowering dpi is not really a factor.  When replacement toner is needed, you’ll find exceptional value online.

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