The Affects On Citizens Of The Passport Renewal Process

by erin on June 3, 2010

Much like a driver’s license, passports are documents that eventually expire and become invalid. When trying to exit or enter the country, a citizen must show a valid passport or run the risk of being denied access at the customs stations. Passport renewal ensures that an American citizen can enter and exit the country freely for a ten year period.

Following all set requirements and guidelines set by the government during the passport renewal process will help in receiving the new passport. For citizens living in Canada, the states, or U.S. territories, renewing a passport can be done from home via the mail or use of the Internet. All these cases require that the passport is undamaged and if the name of the recipient hasn’t changed.

After ten years a passport will expire and cease to be valid. To travel out of the country, a citizen must now start to go through the renewal process. Necessary document can be emailed to the government if the passport itself is in good shape. This process requires a sixty dollar fee if processed within fifteen years of the original’s issue date. After this time, a citizen must obtain a completely new passport.

Completing documents integral in the renewal process has been put on the State Department’s website. Using the Internet to renew a passport is a simple way to gain a new passport without ever leaving the house. Once again though, the person seeking a new passport must reside in the United Sates. If living abroad, the only way to renew a passport is to go to the United States embassy in that country.

Speeding up the renewal process can occur if special occurrences happen either inside or outside of the country. For instance, if a citizen’s passport is expired and the country they are in is having a civil war, passports can be issued quickly for flight reasons at the U.S. embassy.. In other less serious cases, like work visas and honeymoons, a fee can be paid to push the application through faster.

All cases of passport require a form called the DS-82 to be completed before renewal. This form is also called the “application for a U.S. Passport.” On this form, all personal information must be added correctly and truthfully. While you are not specifically applying for a passport, check the box that says “renewal” on it to avoid expensive costs of first time application.

Mutilated passports become invalidated when the document itself become too damaged to use. If a passport is damaged, a citizen cannot use the mail or Internet to renew the passport. Before traveling, a person should check the state of their passport. All information must be clearly visible. The pictures must be undamaged and information must be up to date or it will not be accepted by border police.

United States passports are extremely important to all those who travel outside of the country. These documents expire every ten years and must be renewed with fifteen years of validation. Many different easy avenues exist to make passport renewal as painless as possible. Take care in making sure all information is valid and at worst you can receive a renewed US passport in about six weeks.

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