The All-In-One HP LaserJet 3055 Printer

by erin on February 11, 2010

The all-in-one HP LaserJet 3055 printer is another in a line of Hewlett-Packard multifunction units designed to save an entrepreneur or a small office several hundred dollars by combining a fax machine, copy machine, a scanner and a printer into one small unit that tries to do everything with extreme competence. This HP printer using HP LaserJet 3055 toner pulls this off with aplomb, it must be said.

In terms of where the 3055 fits on the price scale for an all-in-one, it lists for about $600, which is a few hundred dollars more than other Hewlett-Packard multifunction printers.  This printer, however, delivers better quality and faster printing, along with other functions. It is a black and white, or monochrome, printer and it is also fairly durable, as multi-functions go.

Print speed that comes with the 3055 is an excellent 19 pages per minute, which is something not often seen in a multifunction or all-in-one unit such as this. Having the ability to print out a copy from a laser printer at nearly 20 pages per minute can also help speed along the work processes and print jobs within any office, especially something entrepreneurial in nature, by the way.

The quality of the print product that will emerge from the 3055 is excellent across the board. It has a print resolution capability of about 1,200 dpi, which is more than enough to please most anyone who needs a high quality print job produced in a short amount of time. The onboard copier produces product at about 600 dpi, which is par for the course when it comes to copy machines.

Storage capacity, as far as paper on board, is a fine 250 sheets. All of this paper will be fed into the machine via a single auto load input tray. The separate output tray can hold 100 sheets of printed or copied material. Copy product also emerges at about 19 pages per minute, showing that Hewlett-Packard has paid attention to not only the print needs, but the copy needs of prospective customers.

Scanning, faxing and copying capabilities are all top-notch in the 3055. An internal fax modem rated at 33.6 kb per second helps manage sending and receiving duties and the onboard memory can hold up to 110 pages of faxed product. Scanning is also excellent, and the scanner features 600 dpi optical resolution. In short, most everything the 3055 does in this arena will be more than acceptable.

The 3055 can connect to a computer via either a high-speed USB port or a very nice Ethernet 10/100 port. It can also make use of many different operating systems, including most Windows versions as well as Linux, and Apple Mac OS X 10.3 or later operating systems. This gives it a versatility that is sure to be attractive to the home office or small office entrepreneur looking for a versatile all-in-one.

The 3055 will not be for everyone and there are other Hewlett-Packard all in one or multifunction printers out there for less money, but it will be hard to find one for this price ($600) that does everything so well and is so durable, with a 7000 pages per month duty cycle. It also only weighs about 26 pounds, meaning it’ll be easy to move it around as needed. Taken altogether, there’s a lot to like about the HP LaserJet 3055 printer.

You’ll also like the quality of the HP LaserJet 3055 toner, as well as the great price you’ll find on HP toner when you search online for replacement toner.

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