The Best Ways To Get An Expedited Passport

by erin on June 7, 2010

When traveling overseas, it is necessary to carry and present a passport. The traveler is often so worried about arranging the itinerary and packing, the passport is overlooked. When it comes time to finalize all arrangements, travelers realize that they never got a passport. In this situation, getting a 24hr passport becomes necessary.

The federal government offers a rush service for an additional $60 over the current processing fees plus overnight delivery fees. Acceptable methods of payment vary depending on how the customer submits the request. The government agency will accept major credit cards, debit/check cards, checks, money orders, and bank drafts. Those submitting the information at a clerk of court or post office should check with the facility to determine the acceptable forms of payment.

Individuals who mail in their paperwork must pay with a money order or personal check. To get the passport in the quickest manner, it is recommended that two-way overnight delivery be selected. The application and supporting documentation should be mailed in a package that cannot be tampered with and sent via a delivery method that is traceable.

In addition to using this rush service for first-time applications, it may be used for renewals and amendments of existing passports. These amendments include name changes and adding extra pages to the book. There are forms required for each purpose, so the user should go online to the U.S. Department of State site in order to download and complete the proper documents.

The current government processing times for an expedited passport, including those that include overnight delivery, is two to three weeks. This takes into account any additional time for the government agency to receive the application and mail the passport to the applicant. Applicants may check the status of their application online in order to see where the processing stands.

For those who need their passports quicker than the government processing time permits, there are private companies that offer expedited processing. These will require the same supporting paperwork and the federal government documents because the information will need to be processed through the government. Due to its relationship with the government, the private service is often able to turn the paperwork around in 24 to 48 hours, if requested.

Of course, this very quick service comes at an additional cost. Some private companies charge as much as $250 in addition to the government fees in order to process the documents within one business day. Many will offer a replacement protection service for a small added fee. This allows for replacement of the passport if it is damaged, lost, or stolen. This provides additional peace of mind for the traveler once the document is in-hand.

An individual who will be traveling to a foreign country can use either the government or a private company to get a 24hr US passport. The government will charge an additional $60 over the regular processing fees but it will take two to three weeks for delivery. Private companies may charge several hundred dollars in order to receive a new passports within the next business day

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