The Brother MFC 8640D Printer Can Increase Small Business Efficiency

by erin on March 19, 2010

A Brother MFC 8640D printer can help to maximize an office’s efficiency by providing high quality documents at a great rate of speed. This machine’s capabilities are only enhanced when using genuine Brother MFC 8640D toner with every copy and print made. This ensures that the printed material is consistent and sharp with each one produced.

This printer comes with 16 MB of memory installed and is upgradeable to 160 MB to aid in handling any volume of work. There is an installed battery that retains power to the memory as a backup for up to 4 days with the standard memory size. This means that no jobs will be lost should the power go out or phone numbers gone from the fax queue.

This machine can handle any job sent to it with a 250 sheet capacity in the paper tray and by using the optional lower tray, this may be increased to 500. The output tray will hold up to 150 sheets and the document feeder can take 50 sheets at a time and feed them automatically to the copier. Along with standard and legal paper, this copier can use such media as envelopes, transparencies and labels.

This printer can fax either directly or from a PC with the proper software installed. As luck would have it, it already comes with the printer. The printer is designed to be used with some of the more popular operating systems in use today for either Windows or Macintosh. This will make it much easier to install it into an already existing office network with no need for computer upgrades.

The printer produces documents at a rate or 21 per minute whether it is printing or simply copying. This coupled with the use of the Brother MFC 8640D toner can make sure that all the documents are all the same high quality no matter how many are printed for a job. This is paramount in the business world as a company is judged in part, by how well their documentation is presented.

This machine comes equipped with a full color scanner built right in. The scanner needs software to operate properly and that is already installed so it is ready for use right out of the box. The software includes ScanSoft PaperPort for Windows and Presto! PageManager for Mac, allowing it to be used with a wide variety of computers.

With all of the pre-loaded software, this printer will fit seamlessly into any office environment. The compact 21” width makes it ideal for use in a home based business that needs the power of this printer but simply does not have the room to spare for anything larger. Good things do come in small packages, especially when it comes to printers.

The Brother 8640D printer is far and away one of the best small business investments available today. This printer along with the Brother 8640D toner cartridge can ensure high quality work time after time. Brother toner is known for its ability to stay consistent over a large number of printed documents.

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