The Dangers Of Eating Disorders And Alcohol Addiction

by Bridget on April 10, 2012

Two of the most serious disorders a person can develop are an addiction to alcohol and an eating disorder. If you suffer from either of these two ailments, it is important to seek medical intervention immediately. However, if you are one of the millions of people who suffer from both of these problems at the same time, it is imperative that you get help before you develop serious health complications. The easiest way to get medical help for these problems is to find an alcohol detox in Florida. Often times, these alcohol detox clinics also offer programs to help people deal with their eating disorders. It is necessary for anyone with a serious addiction to alcohol to undergo a medical detox with the supervision of doctors.

Dangerous Trend

One of the new trends is for people to starve themselves so that they can save all of their calories for alcohol consumption. This is a very dangerous thing to do as your body is not getting the nutrients it needs to function properly. Also, once a person throws alcohol into the mix, on top of an eating disorder, they are putting their health in serious jeopardy. In recent years, the number of young men and women who have developed eating disorders has skyrocketed. Some of the most common eating disorders developed by these young people are anorexia, bulimia, compulsive eating habits and other dangerous eating habits. By choosing a reputable alcohol detox in Florida, a person will have a good chance of overcoming these issues.


Unfortunately, there are many factors in society that lead young people to develop these types of disorders. Young women are the most likely to develop eating disorders so that they become incredibly thin. Not only is this unhealthy, often times they end up looking sickly. These women are told by the media that in order to be considered attractive or beautiful they need to be a size zero. In reality, this could not be further from the truth.

Risky Behavior

For those that want to have a good time while also watching their waistline binge drinking and then purging seems to be the perfect solution. This is when young women will deprive themselves of food all day and then binge drink. Some will even go as far as to purge the alcohol from their systems. This will apparently prevent weight gain and a hangover. This behavior is very dangerous and can lead to serious consequences.

Health Problems

Drinking on an empty stomach is dangerous and can lead to a higher instance of alcohol poisoning and will lead to intoxication faster, which can in turn, lead to bad decisions. Even if there is not a clear cut diagnoses, any sort of disordered eating is dangerous. It can lead to serious problems concerning electrolytes and other organs. Coupled with drinking or even binge drinking it’s a recipe for disaster. In addition to physical harm it can cause serious emotional harm and lead to risky behavior.

The growing trend of young people who are starving themselves so that they can consume more alcohol is a very serious health concern that has many in the medical community worried. An addiction to alcohol or eating disorder on their own are bad enough, however when the two are combined a person’s life is in jeopardy. If you know someone who is suffering from both an alcohol addiction and an eating disorder, it is imperative that they get immediate help from a medical professional at an alcohol detox in Florida. These alcohol detox clinics have programs that are specifically targeted at people who have addictions to alcohol and eating disorders. Without proper medical intervention, it is very likely that a person who has an eating disorder and alcohol addiction will develop very serious, long term health problems.

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