The Dangers Of Mixing Drugs

by Bridget on June 10, 2012

Many drugs, on their own, can do very serious damage to a person’s health and wellbeing. However, when drugs are mixed, matched, and taken together, the danger grows exponentially. This is how many people overdose on drugs. They do not realize the danger they are putting themselves into when they take a few pills out of one bottle, and take them with a glass of wine, or a pill from a different bottle. It only takes one instance for a person to get into trouble with mixing prescription pills with other drugs. If you or someone you know is battling an addiction to drugs, it is critical that they seek help from drug rehab programs in their area.

Alcohol & Benzos

One of the most deadly combinations of substances is alcohol and benzodiazepines. This combination was involved in over a fifth of all alcohol related hospital visits over the last few years. Respiratory failure was a common side effect of people who had ingested large amounts of alcohol and benzos. Often times, people at parties will take this combination of drugs and pass out. Party goers, who are interested in having their own good time, will usually let this person sleep it off. This can be very dangerous as a person can easily slip into heart failure.

Cocaine & Opiates

Another deadly combination of drugs is cocaine and opiates. Also known as the “speedball”, this combination of drugs was very popular in the 1980s and 1990s. There were many famous celebrities including John Belushi, Chris Farley and River Phoenix that died from combining cocaine and opiates. The only reason that this trend has come down a little bit is because of the rise of prescription drug abuse. That does not mean that this type of drug combo is any less dangerous today than it was years ago. Also, cocaine and ecstasy is a recipe for disaster that many people are falling victim to. Either of these drugs on their own can do serious damage to a person’s health. However, when you combine the power of these substances, you are asking for trouble.

There are many other different types of combinations that a person should never ingest. It is always a good idea to talk to your doctor before you begin taking any type of over the counter or prescription medication. In today’s society, doctors are all too eager to prescribe something to a patient, without asking if they are taking anything from another doctor. This is a very dangerous scenario, and you need to make sure your physician has your complete medical history before you start taking anything they give you. Drug addiction can destroy a person’s life in many different ways. Being addicted to a specific drug can be bad enough, however, when people develop addiction to different drug cocktails, they are putting their lives in jeopardy. If someone you know is having difficulties with drugs and alcohol, it is vital that you implore them to seek medical intervention as soon as possible.

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