The HP Color LaserJet 2605dn Printer Rules

by garrett on April 16, 2010

If you’re looking to buy a new color printer you’ve got lots of choices there days. If you want a GOOD printer, your options just became much more limited. But if you want only one of the best units available, you’ve only got a handful to choose from. The HP Color LaserJet 2605dn printer, with Q6000A toner, just might be the one.

In this instance, BEST is defined in terms of price and quality but also takes into account function, utility and durability. The HP is a printer that’s not only fast and accurate at its job but also does it for a modest price. HP has a long list of printer models and they’re all built in the same tradition of quality for which the company has always been known. The same technological advancements in the industry that are incorporated into the bigger, more expensive units also benefit the smaller, less expensive models. This is good for the consumer looking for a smaller, desktop machine.

Here’s a little product info: This printer accepts all different kinds of paper, from bond and plain to photo stock and transparencies. It will print glossy or flat. You can use recycled, rough paper, pre-punched and pre-printed. You can do labels, envelopes and card-stock.

The paper tray will hold up to 250 sheets and you can expand to a second try if you’d like. The copy rate is 12 sheets a minute for black and 10 sheets a minute for color copies. It only takes 20 seconds from the time the machine is turned on to produce the first copy. This printer can complete some jobs before other printers have even warmed up.

Two-sided documents are printed on both sides of the copy automatically. There’s an internal memory of 64 MB and this memory is expandable to 320 MB. You connect the unit via a high-speed USB port. There’s easy sharing of the printer with other users in the office by way of the Fast Ethernet server that’s built into the machine. It’s also ENERGY STAR qualified due to its low energy consumption.

The 16-character LED display is intuitive and tells just about anything you need to know including everything from how to set up and run the machine to when supplies need to be replenished. Maintenance guesswork becomes a thing of the past because you are warned when anything requires attention. The four ink cartridges are easily accessible through a single door.

The unit delivers documents with vivid and brilliant color, making it easy and impressive to use realistic photos and other images in your business documents. Communication goes on between the printer and the cartridges which triggers automatic adjustment of printing quality. This is thanks to the HP Smart printing technology.

Creating powerful, professional documents is easy with the HP Color LaserJet 2605dn printer, with HP 2605DN bulk toner. The quality is exceptionally high and the price is surprisingly low. The manufacturer is an industry leader and known for their long tradition of high quality and long durability. HP has been around for a really long time and they’ve always been cutting-edge. This printer is one of their best. Shop online for HP Q6000A black toner cartridges from authorized ink toner cartridge retailers.

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