The HP Color LaserJet 355On Blows Away The Competition

by erin on January 22, 2010

The versatile and capable HP Color LaserJet 3550n printer comes to its user at a very affordable price and with typical HP reliability and dependability. It features good printing speed capability and nice durability, all at a price that is sure to put a smile on most any IT specialist or small business owner’s face. It isn’t the fastest printer in the world, but in this segment its speed will be more than enough and there will be no questioning the quality of the prints with HP Color LaserJet 3550n toner.  

In speaking of print speed, the 3550n — which is one of several Hewlett-Packard printers in this particular line of small office/home office network printers — features 16 ppm of performance. This is no matter whether the print job is black-and-white or color. Many printers have difficulty in printing color as fast as they can in black-and-white, but this HP will not suffer from that performance difference.

The printer must be joined to a network using traditional wired connectivity. In this case, that means a very nice USB (universal serial bus) port. For its price, which can be a little less than $250 after steep discounts but which usually will be around $450, this is more than acceptable, even if it doesn’t feature wireless conductivity or other means of connecting the printer to a small network of users.

Standard printer tray configurations mean this device can hold up to 350 sheets. Optional trays can bump the capacity up to 850 sheets, and the printer can make use of many different sizes of paper, including letter and legal. It can also print out labels and envelopes, as well. Its ability to print on many different media sizes and types gives it a versatility that will be very welcome.

The quality of the printing that will emerge is uniformly good, being as the printer features 600 dpi resolution. This will help any image or document emerge in a clear and crisp fashion with the absence of blur or smudging ensured through Hewlett-Packard’s proprietary ImageREt 2400 print suite. Because it makes use of laser jet print technology, keep in mind that replacement printer cartridges will be needed on occasion.

The 3550n comes standard with 64 MB of RAM, which cannot be expanded upwards. Still, most jobs tasked to this printer from a small network should never come close to exceeding the 64 MB included as standard equipment. All of this is handled through a 266 MHz processor, which will be more than adequate to the tasks given it by the printer and the network.

Durability is good, as well. The duty cycle for this particular HP printer comes in at 45,000 pages per month before requiring standard maintenance upkeep. The printer is also certified for Windows-based operating systems, including Vista. Standard network operating systems such as Windows NT also are able to be accommodated by the 3550n.

Taken in its entirety, the HP Color LaserJet 3550n printer does well enough at everything it’s asked to do and comes at a price sure to be welcome in this economically challenging environment. It can be joined to a network through a USB port and it features decent print speeds. In all, there is more than enough to like about the printer and very little to dislike.

Most businesses are saving every penny today and appreciate the added benefit of perfectly printed pages the first time as offered by HP Color LaserJet 3550n toner, an unsurprising benefit of HP toner.  Essential savings can be realized by purchasing toner online.

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