The HP Color LaserJet CM4730 Printer

by erin on February 10, 2010

The HP color LaserJet CM4730 printer using HP Color LaserJet CM4730 toner is certainly not a low-priced multifunction printer. In fact, it’s probably one of Hewlett-Packard’s more expensive offerings, but most people who have given it a try will say that the cost is definitely worth it for a printer, scanner and copier that does everything this machine is capable of.

For evidence of how truly capable this machine is, consider its monthly duty cycle rating of 175,000 impressions. This is superior by orders of magnitude far above most other multifunction printers out there on the market at present. Monthly duty cycle is the number of output images a printer is capable of producing in the months before requiring regular or called-for maintenance.

Print speed with the 4730 is outstanding in both color and black-and-white. The printer can easily churn out 31 pages of print product within a one-minute timeframe in both modes (black-and-white and color). For purposes of information, most standard network printers of equal price cannot match what this Hewlett-Packard’s can do in terms of speed of printing.

As a copy machine, the HP performs just as well and is able to create documents at up to 400% of their original size while also being able to shrink them down to 25% of original size. It also has an automatic duplexing feature, meaning that it will automatically copy on both sides of a document. It can copy up to 999 copies per job, which ranks up there with standalone copy machines.

Print resolution with the 4730 is excellent, coming in as it does at 600 dots per inch across-the-board. This means that print product will look uniformly sharp and clear and without evidence of any blur or smudge in the vast majority of cases. It makes use of one of Hewlett-Packard’s proprietary image enhancement technology tools to accomplish all of this.

Standard memory comes to its owner at 448 MB of RAM, which is very nice. The 4730 can also support up to 576 MB of memory and it has a very nice 40 GB hard disk drive to handle all of the document storage needs that a workgroup or network making use of this machine might have. It’ll also be very easy to hook this unit up to a workgroup or network, because it features high-speed USB, parallel and Ethernet wired connectivity capabilities.

The 4730 can also run off of many different operating systems, including IBM OS/2, Mac, Linux, UNIX and many different Windows-based platforms (including Windows Vista). It’s offered with a one-year, on-site warranty and it can hold a standard 1600 sheets of paper within all of its many trays. Indeed, the variety of media materials it can print off of is also truly impressive.

In terms of price, the HP Color LaserJet CM4730 printer is no bargain basement machine. It runs between $4100 and $5000, though there is currently a rebate being offered on it. It’s hard to find a multifunction printer of this capability at a lower price, and it certainly will also be hard to find one nearly as durable, when one considers its monthly duty cycle. In all, there’s a great deal to like about this particular printer. You need to keep toner on hand for your office.  HP toner can be found in good prices if you buy in bulk.  Just ask anyone that sells HP Color LaserJet CM4730 toner.

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