The HP LaserJet 1018 Printer and Its Features

by erin on February 10, 2010

The HP LaserJet 1018 printer using HP LaserJet 1018 toner and its features reveal a monochrome laser jet printer that seems to have been designed by Hewlett-Packard to work in a home office or small office. At this task, it does exceedingly well, as do most HP printers designed for business-type applications. It is able to produce professional-looking letters and documents with very nice and high quality text as well.

This printer is known in the industry as being the smallest laser printer around and the fact that it lists for about $150 before any discounts is exceptional. That low price is an impressive one looking at the overall size and dimensions of the 1018, because it comes in at just 11 pounds and will fit nicely on any desktop, which is where it seems destined to see the most use.

Print speed is acceptable at about 12 pages per minute, which is okay as far as printers go, and one will have to keep in mind that one is getting laser-quality printing for what is an admittedly low price. Probably, some of this is due to the fact that the printer is concentrating so hard on producing a quality print job with every tasking given to it, using its 234 MHz processor to its fullest.

Overall, getting the 1018 out of the box and then setting it up is fairly easy. It’s what most industry pros call a “plug and play” printer, meaning that once it’s plugged in to the computer it will automatically begin the installation process. Keep in mind that it doesn’t come with an included USB cable (which is how it connects to a computer) and everything is okay.

Generally speaking, the 1018 handles just about any sort of text printing job that can be thought of and everything will look good right down to some of the smaller fonts, such as four point, one will be considering using in business applications. Even graphics come out looking fine enough for general internal business use, which this printer is designed to do quite well.

The 1018 is designed to run off of most Windows-based operating systems, including Windows XP and Windows Vista (both 32-bit and 64-bit). The main input tray can hold 150 sheets of paper and it has a priority feed slot that can take up to 10 sheets of paper. It will be able to handle most sizes and kinds of paper, as well as envelopes, labels and certain custom sized media products.

Print resolution is a standard 600 dpi and the first page will generally emerge about 10 seconds after the print job is sent to the printer by the computer. With the inclusion of Hewlett-Packard’s proprietary image enhancement technology tool, effective print resolution is double that, at 1200 dpi. It has a monthly duty cycle of 3000 single-sided pages per month before needing minor maintenance.

In all, especially given its price (new models are currently going for around $250 with refurbished units able to be found for as little as $110), the HP LaserJet 1018 printer is well within the reach of even the most budget-limited small business or home office entrepreneur. Hewlett-Packard delivers decent print speed and excellent quality in the print product, making this a fine printer for most customers. Toner will need to be purchased occasionally.  HP LaserJet 1018 toner is cheapest online. Just find a website that sells HP toner and you should be set.

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